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Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold On Discogs for January 2017

Top 30 Most Expensive Records Jan 2017

Hi There, Thanks for coming to Discogs; you’re undoubtedly here to follow the tale of our new sales record in the Discogs Marketplace. While we are just as excited as you to see records set around the music we love, this one proved a bit too good to be true. As most of you have […]

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Discogs 15th Anniversary!

Hi All, This month Discogs turns 15 years old. This is pretty special to me as Discogs began as a hobby to catalog obscure techno and drum n bass music. Back then it was literally a scrap Pentium II server in my closet. And now, thanks to all of the site’s contributors and users, we’re […]

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Discogs Digital Download Service – closing down

On Jan 1, 2014, we will be closing down our Digital Marketplace. We felt we needed to make this change, as we want to simplify both the site layout and our code, and allow us all to focus on the core of Discogs – the database and the associated marketplace. This service was done in […]

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Update to Mobile Site

Today we are shutting down the Discogs “mobile optimized” website. This was a slimmed down version of Discogs that you were presented with when using a mobile or tablet device. For example: We’ve been getting feedback that this “mobile optimized” site is actually not helpful and harder to use because not all information is there, […]

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New Discogs Office in 2013

We will be moving into a new office next year around March/April. This will be the third “official” office of Discogs, and will give us much more room for our growing staff. It’s a newer building and this particular space has never been occupied, so it’s a raw shell right now with concrete floors and […]

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Update on Release and Master Release beta designs

Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide feedback on the Release and Master Release beta designs. We have decided to NOT GO FORWARD with these new designs, based on the issues highlighted here and the survey feedback. We will be applying some minor font and button changes to bring consistency, but this will […]

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Switching News Forum to Blog Format

We’re going to switch the Discogs News forum to Blog format. This is to make it easier for everyone to keep track of the site news and give it more exposure. The old News Forum will be archived and remain in the Discogs Help Forums section.

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Voting temporarily disabled

Sorry, but we’ve had to disable voting for a short while. We’re looking into a problem that just came about. More details here:

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Short Downtime – Wed July 8

Discogs is going to be unavailable for a short period while we perform emergency site maintenance. I don’t like doing this but right now this is the best way to move forward with our database upgrades. The downtime should last no more than 2 hours, beginning at 8pm PST on July 8, 2009.

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External Blog + Site Status

We’ve just set up an externally hosted blog at This will be used to post updates about the site status such as emergency problems, slowdowns, etc. That way you’ll be able to get information if there is a problem while Discogs may not be available. There’s also a link to this blog on the […]

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