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Year on Label page

Tiny change, we just added the year to the label page. It’s in the rightmost column.

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Changes to Release URLs

We’ve just begin changing Discogs Release URLs into a new format: old format: new format: Most of the site has been converted to use this new format, except for the search engine and some marketplace pages. Those will be converted over the next few days. [b]This change will not break any existing links […]

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Updates to Search Engine

Greets, we’ve been making a few changes to the search engine over the past week and have just turned on a few more. Here is a summary of all of the changes: Advanced Search – this form will allow you to search for releases with fields for specific criteria Results summary + drill down by […]

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Release status coloring on Collection, Wantlist, Contributions, Ratings

In the same way that releases are color-coded on artist and label pages, this is now done on Collection, Wantlist, Contributions, and Ratings pages. The coloring follows the similar pattern: – new submission: whole release is highlighted in yellow – release needs review: title is highlighted in yellow – release needs changes made: title is […]

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Full data export

As promised a while ago, there are now full data exports available of the artist, label, and release data. (You must include the slash after “data”). There are a few exports already available there, although the frequency was not regular while I was configuring this. New exports will now be available on the first […]

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Recommendations now online

We’ve just turned on a recommendation system which will suggest other releases while viewing a release page. These recommendations are based on user collection data. So you can interpret it as “users who have this release in their collection also have … in their collections”. And we plan to improve this over time by adding […]

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FIXED – Uploading Images, Audio, and CSV imports temporarily down

We had a hardware failure with part of our storage system. As a result we are not able to accept uploads of: images seller audio clips seller CSV import files We are working to get this restored ASAP and will update as we have new developments. Very sorry about the inconvenience.

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Unplanned Downtime – Oct 12

We just had about 1 1/2 hours of downtime. I’m very sorry about the inconvenience. There was a software problem on our load balancer and I’m looking for the cause of it.

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Unplanned Downtime – Sept 16

Sorry, we just had a bit of downtime. We had some power issues with a few of the servers that caused them to go down. We’re back now and I’m making a few changes to prevent this type of problem in the future.

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Notifications Changes

We’ve just changed the notifications system so you can now choose whether you want to receive a message in your [url=/messages]Discogs Inbox[/url], personal email, or both. The options page is still in the same place:

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