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Search Collection and Wantlist

You can now search your [url=/mycollection]collection[/url] and [url=/mywantlist]wantlist[/url]. There is a search field at the top of those two pages. Please note that this is somewhat experimental right now. There is a limitation that you need to use a more precise search on your collection/wantlist. Without getting too technical, searches like “records”, “remix”, and “style:techno” […]

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Voting in Disbugs

I’ve just added a basic voting option to [url=/disbugs]Disbugs[/url] (bugs reports and feature requests). There is a Vote button below the description of the request. And after voting the total is displayed after the subject. We’ve added this to help us prioritize the list of requests, and get the most popular requests done first.

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Changes to login system

During this week you may have noticed that you were asked to re-enter your password. We made some changes to the login process so that it is more secure. Now anyone who uses the “remember me on this computer” option will now have to re-enter their password after 2 weeks.

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Message reply indicator

Quick change, now when you reply to one of your [url=/messages]messages[/url] there will be an arrow indicating that you’ve replied to it.

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Saving Submissions

There’s now an option to save submissions for later reference. When you’re viewing a history page you can click the “Save this submission” and it will be added to your saved list. If it’s already saved you can click the “Don’t save this submission” link to remove it from your saved list. And if you’re […]

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Search Help Center

I’ve just added a basic search option for the help pages. Just click “Help” in the upper right to see it. After searching you’ll have options to restrict your search to just Help Forums, Submission Guidelines, or Marketplace Documentation. Hopefully this will make the Help section more useful for everyone!

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Widgets for showing your Discogs data

We’ve just put out two widgets that you can use on other websites. These are snippets of HTML that can be placed on other websites or blogs in order to show your Discogs data. There is one for user profiles and one for seller’s items for sale. link here: [url=/widgets][/url] (also in My Discogs and […]

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Small profile changes

We’ve just turned on a few changes to user profiles. The “Allow others to browse my Contributed Releases” option has been removed. Previously this option has been overridden by users with mod rights (they could browse your contributions no matter what). But we want as many people involved in the submission process as possible, so […]

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Updates on V4 – 04-Apr, Removing Releases and Auto-reverts

Removing releases from the database is now possible again. To initiate the process you need to go to the history page and click “Remove Release” on the right. The next steps are: A history entry is added to the release: “Removal Pending” Contributor and users who have it in their collection/wantlist get notified Voters and […]

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Updates on V4 – 30-Mar

Greets I’m sorry about the lack of updates on V4. After it went live I was frantically fixing things and working on improvements. Soon after I caught a bad flu and have been out sick for over a week. Looking back, the deployment of V4 was not planned well and came off quite sloppy. This […]

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