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Browsing Submissions

We’ve just turned on a new interface for browsing submissions. ( ). This has a pane on the left listing recent submissions and when you click one it will load the details on the right side. Currently you can browse submissions by: -My Submissions (the link is in My Discogs and in the My Discogs […]

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What to do about rank?

The changes with v4 have brought up some concerns with the rank system that have caused me to reevaluate it’s purpose. As of right now rank is not being updated with new submissions. We can re-add this information later on if we need to. But I wanted to see what other people thought of the […]

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Welcome to Discogs v4

We turned on version 4 today. Here’s the highlights of what has changed: We’ve switched from an absolute YES/NO voting system to a graduated system, with 5 vote options ranging from “Complete and Correct” to “Entirely Incorrect”. Changes to data are now made live and are immediately visible on the site. After something is changed […]

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Restructuring of Moderation/Voting System

We are going to be making some big changes to the Discogs moderation system. A new, more open, graduated voting system will be put in place, with votes that range from “Complete And Correct” to “Entirely Incorrect”, in five stages. Then votes will be averaged and displayed on the release pages. Releases and edits that […]

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Changes to Data License, new export options

Big changes regarding the usage of Discogs data! 1) The Discogs Data License for Artist, Label, and Release data has been changed to a Public Domain license and is mentioned on the [url=/help/api]API Document[/url]. This means that there are no restrictions on your usage of the data. 2) The “Export to Excel” option has been […]

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New bug/feature tracker

We now have a new bug/feature request tracker in place, [url=/disbugs]Disbugs[/url]. This is similar to the previous tracker we were using but there are better options for tracking requests. So from now on all bug reports and well thought out feature requests should go into Disbugs. We’re going to leave the Discogs Development forum for […]

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New trend graphs for Discogs

I’ve put up two new graphs that show activity on submissions. Side-wide Trends: Two graphs, each shows stats for the last 30 days. The top shows how many submissions were posted, cancelled, accepted, and rejected. The bottom graph shows what activity users have done on the submissions: voting, comments, edits. My Trends: Again, […]

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Editing Release Updates

You can now edit Release Update submissions while they are unmoderated. This follows the same process as Release submissions: blocked users cannot edit your submissions, and if there are votes they will be cleared after submitting the update.

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Editing a submission while it has votes

It’s now possible to edit an unmoderated release submission while it has votes. Instead of being blocked you can proceed with the edit but it will clear the votes when you submit. There is also a warning about this when you first get to the edit form.

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Changes to Drafts page; showing drafts of udpates

The “Draft Releases” page has been changed to just “Drafts”. It still shows your draft releases but now also shows drafts of any updates you have saved. These were previously only accessible by going back to the specific release and clicking Update. As it was before, drafts of updates are automatically deleted when another user […]

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