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New Notification Options

There are now two new notification options available at (My Discogs -> Preferences -> Set Notification Options) [b]Email me when a release in my collection is changed[/b] [b]Email me when a release I’m selling is changed[/b] The latest changes are checked every 4 hours and, if you have these options enabled, you’ll get a […]

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Forums are Changed

I’ve just rolled out some updates to the Forums. The user-created forums are now called “Groups” and are located at (link in the top navigation bar). And the main Discogs forums are now known as the “Help Forums” and are located at (links in the help docs and page footer) The biggest change […]

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You can now rate user comments/reviews

All comments now have a rating option allowing you to say if a comment was useful or not. This is prep work for the coming changes to the comments system which will allow you to post comments without moderation. When that part comes online next week the form will have strict requirements with a minimum […]

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Discogs Version 3 – Part 1

Following on from the previous thread, I’ve just turned on the first group of changes. Things changed are: – no more submission limits – anyone can edit an unmoderated submission (unless you are blocked by the submitter) – release history page includes changes made before the release was accepted – release history and diff pages […]

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Open Data + API

I’m pleased to announce that our main data set is now available for third party use, for free, under our new data license. This data is initially available through our API. But we will soon be providing monthly snapshots of the release, artist, and label data in XML format. With the API you can programmatically […]

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Everyone gets Advanced features!

We’ve decided to remove the subscription option for Advanced Accounts and give everyone access to these features. We no longer need to charge for this and feel everyone would be happy with the extra features. To everyone who has subscribed to Discogs Advanced, THANK YOU!! Your support has helped us make it this far. All […]

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You can now resubmit rejected release edits

You can now resubmit rejected and cancelled release edits. To do this, after you receive the rejection email, view the page and there will be a Resubmit link next to the colored “Rejected” or “Cancelled” message. Resubmitting an edit is only available if there have been no accepted changes after your submission. For example […]

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Local Messaging / Updates to Contact Form

We’ve just introduced a new messaging system on Discogs. This is a local inbox that stores all of the messages you receive from Discogs and from other members. Use the “Inbox” link in the top navbar to access it. Over the past several months we’ve noticed that more and more users are not receiving the […]

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Submission limit update – Submission Skill

In the next few days and weeks, we will be turning on an update to the submission limit system. This new aspect of the system, called “Submission Skill”, is designed to encourage and benefit users who make smooth, easy to moderate submissions, and are helpful during other users submissions. This system will also be used […]

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Downtime – 27 Apr

I’m very sorry but I had to take the site offline to perform some emergency maintenance to help with the recent site slowdowns. I’ll have to do this a few more times over the next couple of weeks as we add more databases and get the system to a point where we can do this […]

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