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Now Playing? The Most Played Music At The Discogs Offices

If you work for Discogs, you have to like music. More accurately, you have to live and breathe music. Even if this sounds like a cult requirement, this is true and we think it makes a lot of sense, given that all employees are exposed to music in the office at all times. Unsurprisingly, the […]

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Digging in Reykjavik: Lucky Records

Lucky Records is a haven for music lovers and record aficionados in Iceland’s capital. The store has come a long way in the last 13 years. From humble beginnings as a flea market stall to its large but cozy home in downtown Reykjavik, with a stage for live music performances and a couch to enjoy […]

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The World’s Most Remote Record Store, And Other Cool Stats

Storefront of Marbecks record shop in Auckland, NZ

Over at our sister site, VinylHub, the community is working hard on cataloguing all of the world’s (brick and mortar) record stores. Because the data is community-contributed, it is of course also community-owned and accessible under a creative commons license, just like on Discogs. Of course, these statistics are only as accurate as the data itself. […]

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Digging in Amsterdam: Rush Hour

Store front and street view of Amsterdam Record Store, Rush Hour

We’re celebrating Amsterdam record stores and all that the music scene of the Dutch capital has to offer. Our first stop is Rush Hour in the heart of the city center. Many a dance music fan and crate digger has made the trek to Spuistraat to go through the offerings at Rush Hour. Founded in […]

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