Javi Gómez Martínez

Javi is a Spanish immigrant currently living in Amsterdam and our social media and blog guy. When he's not working 9 to 5 (what a way to make a living), he spends his days obsessing about music, spending his Discogs salary on attending gigs and festivals, and going to the movies more than any doctor would recommend.
Articles by Javi Gómez Martínez

R.I.P. Malcolm Young: The Most Collected AC/DC Albums

Malcolm Young of AC/DC playing guitar

It doesn’t matter if you’re only into techno. It doesn’t matter if reggae and two-tone are the only two genres you listen to. It doesn’t matter if you have a Radiohead tattoo in your left arm. It just doesn’t matter; you know who AC/DC are. And at least one of their songs probably had an impact […]

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Most Expensive Items Sold at Discogs Marketplace in July 2016

While most of the time I’m the “let’s destroy capitalism” kind of guy, sometimes it’s fun to take a stroll around Discogs and see what actually money can do for music lovers. And hey, if you got to spend your family’s fortune this is a good way to go. Here we present you the most […]

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10 Spanish Records You Need To Put Your Hands On

Few people would believe me whenever I tell them that underground culture constitutes a really big part of the Spanish cultural life. Whether it’s always been this good, or at some point some bands were very much copycats of international trends, could be subject of a nice (and rather long) debate. But what’s clear to me is […]

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Reflecting On Alan Vega’s Career: Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Suicide - Alan Vega

I can’t believe it’s been already a month since Alan Vega passed away. Not that I expected him to live forever, but for someone who created some of the most menacing, avant-garde music of his generation, there was certainly a sense of timelessness that will run beyond this world. And no matter how many more times I listen to […]

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Ten Artists You Shouldn’t Miss At Festivals This Summer

Artists you shouldn't miss: Dinosaur Jr

I can feel you all out there crying tears of joy now the festival season is finally here again. After many, many months of waiting, the time to be with our friends in open fields enjoying the summer and our favorite artists, has come at last. I’ve decided to create this list of 10 artists you shouldn’t […]

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