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Best Soundtracks of 1997: Let’s Settle The Score

soundtracks of 1997

Soundtracks are a tricky thing, and never more so than in the ’90s. Covering up the lack of plot and atrocious acting with a clever little soundtrack isn’t anything new in the film business, yet finding new and inventive ways of releasing piles of cinematic shit plastered over with rose-scented pop tunes seemed to hit quite an apex […]

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The 10 Best Radiohead Songs

Thom Yorke of Radiohead freaking out over the best Radiohead songs

What the world really needs is one more Radiohead piece, right?  The planet continues to spin at its orbiting best, but what would really hit the spot for earthlings at this very moment is one more person’s opinions about why Radiohead are great, and all the ways their music touches so many people.  After all, the […]

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Top 25 Best Selling Punk Records of 2016 On Discogs

It’s exceptionally hard for me to reserve comment this month as I peruse the best selling so-called “punk” records of 2016. I see the Ramones at 25 which makes perfect sense; and hey, there are The Sex Pistols at 24.  A few other random releases pop up next which feel like a rational view into the […]

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25 Best Selling Hip Hop Records of 2016

Classics, classics, and more classics!  This is nearly all you’ll find on our Top 25 Best Selling Hip Hop Records of 2016 On Discogs.  Some of you will no doubt question the credibility of some of these entries, and so you should.  However, these gems are the top selling items in the Discogs marketplace based on […]

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Top 25 Best Selling Techno Records of 2016 On Discogs

Devoid of opinion, hyperbole, and personal slants, we now give you the top 25 best selling techno records of 2016. For you Discogs old-schoolers, this will be business as usual, for you know that Discogs started as a site that stored only electronic music in its database. So what better way to start off a […]

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Lost Albums: 10 Amazing Records You’ve (Likely) Never Heard

If you dedicate a large portion of your life to music as I do, you hear a lot of records. It’s quite easy to build an appreciation for tons of obscure music that ends up being lost in the shuffle of release dates and hype.  Most of us separate the ones that have stood the test of […]

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An Interview With Wolfgang Voigt/GAS

Wolfgang Voigt Gas

It’s no secret that Wolfgang Voigt has become one of the most revered names in electronic music from the past 25 years.  Under his many guises, Voigt has treated us to house, electro, techno, and even polka-influenced takes on electronic music variations.  Voigt’s most esteemed and fabled project, without a doubt, would be his Gas project, […]

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Interview with Thomas Fehlmann of The Orb

If you haven’t noticed recently, we talk a lot about our love of ambient music.  The internet is bursting with endless lists, stores are bleeding with perpetual re-issues, and arguments sprout from our never-quenching thirst for that ambient magic that continues to evolve, only bringing more attention and respect to the original artists who paved […]

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Do We Need More Vinyl Presses?

Vinyl Presses

We Discogians sure do love our vinyl. Day after day, week after week, and year after year, we are constantly reminded that more and more people of all ages become entranced and taken in by the allure of pulling out a glorious slab of wax and throwing it down on the turntable. Hell, some people don’t even […]

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Cogs/Countercogs: Debating The Biggest Albums Of 1991

Part of the joy of working at Discogs is being exposed to all kinds of music we would normally not bother with. No matter how much we think we know about music, after a few conversations with co-workers we all realize how sheltered our musical worlds really are. We patiently tolerate each other’s tastes and pretend we […]

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