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Crate Diggers LA

Spinning at Crate Diggers

As we here at Discogs continue our quest in keeping all the best parts of vinyl culture alive and kicking, the Crate Diggers series proves to be an important and successful avenue to bring together the music collecting community under one roof so that record lovers everywhere can converge and discuss their passion face to […]

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10 Of The Best Smiths Songs

The Smiths

First off, let me just say that I’m truly sorry. As a lifelong Smiths fan, the task of selecting just ten songs from their catalog seems blasphemous, dirty, and wrong, and there isn’t a single human alive that will fully agree with this list. Despite the heavy shame I will undoubtedly feel leaving so many […]

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Crate Diggers LA Spotlight: Oliver Bristow of Amoeba Music

Any lover of records in the Los Angeles area is no doubt well-acquainted with the wonderful Amoeba Music. Acting as a musical gateway to the stars and regular folk alike, they are well-known to carry just about every single recorded genre under the sun. Strolling through their record bins typically requires a huge cash float […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Final Review

Four days removed from the Decibel Festival, I’d have to say the event was a rousing success. Making it to every single performance wasn’t a possibility for just one person, but the shows I was able to attend proved to be a packed and sold out event. With the possible exception of the Nicolas Jaar […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Day Five Wrap-Up

Day five of the Decibel Festival, and the mood today was relaxed and mellow as people began winding down after the very busy past five days. Lots of traveling, listening, and socializing demanded some chilled out vibes toward the end of the festivities, and what better group to bring in that headspace than Thievery Corporation? […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Roman Flügel Interview

Roman Flügel is one of those guys who has been around so long and produced so many quality records that you probably have a release with his name on it somewhere. Recording under the names Alter Ego, Acid Jesus, Primitive Painter, Warp 69, and of course his own name, he has been a mainstay in […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Day Four Wrap-Up

Another day, another couple of dollars: dollars spent on Emergen-C, to be precise. At some point during my pedestrian travels over the past four days, I have contracted someone’s pesky germs, and a cold has taken me over. Will it stop me from traversing the Seattle streets so I can partake in the finest quality […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Tim Hecker Interview

Tim Hecker really needs no introduction, but I’m going to do it anyway. Originally from Montreal, now based out of LA, Hecker started making techno music about 15 years ago as Jetone, evolving into the genre-defying electronic beauty that we know and love today. His work only receives more and more accolades as time goes […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Day Three Wrap-Up

Three days into Decibel Festival 2015 and it only gets better. I started it off by heading up to the Crocodile for the daily conference which featured Elektron, a hardware company whose gear many an electronic musician use in their setups. Artists John Tejada and Cygnus were on board to chat about how they use […]

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Decibel Festival 2015: Drumcell Interview

Moe Espinoza, aka Drumcell, walks it like he talks it. Hailing from Los Angeles, he has taken a lifelong love of electronic music, and been able to translate it into a successful career of forging techno aimed straight for the harder edged dance floors. Through his productions and party curation for events like Interface, Espinoza […]

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