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How To Get A Rare Vinyl Record Without Breaking The Bank

I could sum up how to get a rare vinyl record in two words; get lucky. That’s it. In today’s world of interconnectivity, few rare records slip past a keen record seller’s eyes. However, there are ways to increase your chances of finding a rare vinyl record and realize when it’s the real deal. Get […]

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Most Popular and Expensive Prince Albums

Prince was an icon. A magnetic figure who managed to sell more than 100 million records in his lifetime. Yet, Prince’s music is, to some, unapproachable. The sheer amount of music he produced is an insurmountable wall, so comprehensive that it veers into the overwhelming. When he passed in 2016, many had hardly scratched the […]

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How to Store Vinyl Records

A question many record collectors ask is, where can I put all these records? If you’ve asked yourself this then you’re in luck, as we’ll be doing our best to cover storage options and tips. We’ll begin by outlining the proper, recommended, government-approved guidelines for how to store vinyl records. In a separate post, we’ll […]

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Staff Picks: Songs For Mother’s Day

Who runs the world? Moms do. As a loving tribute to the moms who raised the music nerds that we have all somehow become, the staff at Discogs decided to share songs that remind them of their mothers. It’s quite an eclectic list, one that skips the expected cliches, instead opting to include no less […]

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Tropicália: 5 Essential Albums That Defined Tropicalismo

Tropicália. The breakout Brazillian art movement steeped in a deliberately-eclectic ideology paired with psychedelic tendencies. A rare scene that bridged the gap from obscure to mainstream in a little more than a year, and in doing so showed the subversive power of music to the masses decades before waves of punk hit the shores of […]

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Record Store Day Releases Worth A Fortune


Love it or leave it, Record Store Day has undoubtedly become a cultural phenomenon. Hardcore collectors and casual enthusiasts alike get an opportunity to dig for hard to come by and potentially lucrative limited-edition records. Though many releases are ‘limited’, they are often printed in the thousands of copies, which tends to inhibit large increases […]

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Nine Albums to Get You Ready for Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Big Chief Monk Bourdreaux. Credit: Takahiro Kyono

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is pure indulgent sensory overload. Smells of boudin balls and gumbo waft in the wind, strings of beads fly through the air and plenty of booze-fueled dancing set the holiday apart from any other in the country. With the start of Carnival season comes fanciful parades, colorful king cakes, and […]

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