Steven Williams

Steven is a Discogs content strategist and indie radio host residing in Portland, OR. Formerly a member of P.H.C., a found-object free jazz collective, he now spends his spare time learning bluegrass tunes on the mandolin.
Articles by Steven Williams

Aphex Twin Albums Ranked By Most Collected, Most Wanted, And Most Expensive

After reading about Aphex Twin’s logic for distributing limited-edition releases at live shows and his late-night Discogs epiphany in a recent interview for Crack Magazine, we decided to take a closer look at how his work is collected, wanted, and sold on Discogs. Discogs was initially started in 2001 as a Database for Electronic music […]

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What’s The Spin With Record Store Day?

If you’re a collector, you’ve probably heard it before. Record Store Day is problematic, a despicable event standing in mockery of all things good in the world of record collecting. The

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Speaker Buying Guide

Here’s a hard pill to swallow: The speakers playing your music often matter more than the vinyl it is on. To get the most dynamic range from your records an investment in a decent pair of speakers is a must. With so many options, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find […]

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Brian Eno Albums Ranked By Most Collected, Wanted, And Expensive

For the past five decades, Brian Eno has been a persistent force in music through his groundbreaking solo releases and behind the scenes work as a producer of numerous iconic albums. Collaborating with legends such as David Byrne, Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, even Bono, he has cultivated a catalog of excellence that will no […]

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

View the 2019 Discogs Holiday Gift Guide

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Picks Of The Season

She & HimA Very She & Him Christmas VariousA Very Special Christmas Fountains of WayneI Want An Alien For Christmas The Berry & Coastes Friendship EnsembleOur Kwanzaa Song / Fresh Fruit VariousSoul Christmas Jesse SilversteenThe Chanukah Party James BrownFunky Christmas La Sonora MatanceraNavidades Con La Sonora The TemptationsThe Temptations’ Christmas Card The Young Tradition With […]

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Insure Your Vinyl Records With Help From The Discogs Collection

Look, I don’t want to fear monger here, but with this climate change thing crashing down around us we need to have a talk. Typhoons in Asia, fires in Europe and Western America, massive hurricanes in the Atlantic; these and other catastrophes are all enemies of your beloved music collection. So, let’s chat now to […]

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Discogs Updates

Hey there, friend! Thanks for checking in on some recent news from your favorite hub for physical music – Discogs. Since GDPR, we have removed most of our email subscribers from our communication lists. With email being our primary form of updating users, we lost a consistent way to keep in touch about developments over […]

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What Even Is Yacht Rock Anyway?

Today in offbeat styles of music, we explore what we can only assume is that dude manspreading next to a Yeti cooler’s favorite type of music; Yacht Rock. We’ll cover what the style is, touch on some controversy with the newly-coined term and list the best Yacht Rock albums to fill your sails. The Creation […]

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How to Estimate The Value of A Record Collection

Estimating the value of a record collection can seem like a daunting process, but with clear steps and online resources, the process is a simple one. Identifying which release you have and what condition it is in are the two main steps in estimating the value of a record. For instance, depending on your release […]

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