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A Record Week Of Database Submissions, Thanks To The Discogs Community

Hi all! As we get through these challenging times, I want to share some good news with you. The last two weeks (March 16-29) have been the biggest weeks ever for contributions to the Discogs Database! Last week’s numbers show that the Discogs Community have broken all previous records; 34,716 new releases submitted to Discogs […]

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My Quest For A Portable Turntable

Soundburger portable record player

My interest in portable turntables was cultivated whilst working the Discogs stall at the Utrecht Record Fair. Occasionally, I’d see a collector walk past with some kind of device I hadn’t seen before. When someone who had one stopped at our booth for a chat, I got them to show me it. It was a […]

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Breaking Discogs Database Records

The Discogs submitting community have broken records recently, by adding over 3000 releases to the database on Sunday the 27th January and Sunday the 17th February! If 3000 releases per day were entered constantly, just over a million releases per year would be added to the music database. As of today, submitters have added nearly […]

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Revamped Submission Error Checks

We have finished the fairly large task of rewriting all of the existing submission form error checks, and the new code is now live on the site as of now. We have done many tests on this new code, but as it is quite complex, and the number of different ways data can be entered […]

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New Guideline sections – Updating a release / Glossary

I have added in two new sections to the guidelines: [url=]Updating A Release[/url] [url=]Database Glossary[/url] The ‘updating a release’ section is something I felt we were lacking information on, for both new users, and regulars making large changes or entering into disputes. Hopefully, that page will help make things a little easier for all. The […]

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Summary of Guideline changes – 17th November 2008

We have recently completed the forth stage of the Guideline review, which involved trying to sort out most of the issues that were not resolved during the previous stages, or that had come up since the last major revision. The most important changes in this review are to the label / catalog number section. For […]

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Contributor Improvement Program

We have just turned on a new feature called the Contributor Improvement Program (CIP). This is designed to identify submitters who are having difficulty learning the Discogs system and have them read the guidelines and try to improve their contributions. It’s also a way to minimize potential disruptions to the database from incorrect submissions and […]

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Quick links / page anchors added to guideline pages

I have added HTML anchors to the main guideline pages today. This means you can link directly to the section of the guidelines, for example [url=][/url]. It also makes the section you are looking for a bit quicker to find, especially for the pop-up help view on the submission form. This is a list of […]

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Guideline changes – Discogs guideline review now live

[b]GUIDELINE CHANGES – 10th March 2008[/b] [b]Important guideline changes to take note of:[/b] The label guidelines have been shifted to a more ‘as on release’ method of data entry. Both companies and labels are now allowed to be entered in this field. This has most importance for the major label releases. There is expected to […]

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Outage 21st Feb

There was a network outage from about 11am to 11.55 UK time. This was out with our servers and our control, and was unannounced. I am sorry for any inconvenience, and we will be looking into the reasons.

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