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Old help section removed

Just to let you know, I have now taken down all the files in the old help section. For the moment, they are redirecting to the new help section, or in some cases to a forum post (for example, for the Advanced accounts page), or the wiki (for the Style Guide pages). At some point […]

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Allowing all Unique Releases

As of today, we are allowing all unique releases to be entered into Discogs. This means variations of the same release are now allowed (as long as we can tell them apart). This will allow us to expand the usefulness of the database for collectors, and increase the detail of the available versions for everyone. […]

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Final genres turned on!

We have now turned on the final four genres needed to (hopefully) be able to catalog every form of audio so far invented. We were hoping that we could have a new system for styles in place, but events have overtaken us, and we need to move forward without that for now, so the styles […]

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Discogs Unofficial Wiki – now open to everyone

The [url=]Discogs Unofficial Wiki[/url] has now been opened up to all to use. This was started last year for the editors, then expanded to the moderators. I think it will now benefit from being open to all users, for any Discogs database related use. It would be appreciated if you signed up for it using […]

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Site slowdown – 28th August 2007

We are currently experiencing a site slowdown, since about 10:24 UTC (11:24 UK time). The issue is being looked into, and will be resolved as soon as possible, very sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

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Discogs Version 3

Following on from the [url=]Discogs data being opened up[/url], we have some further changes lined up. These changes affect mainly the submission process, although there will be other site changes as well. Everything is detailed at Overall, we are aiming for an improved and more open submission process, where users can enter and manipulate […]

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Quick Start Guide now uploaded

There is a new page available in the help section called the [url=]Quick Start Guide[/url]. This is designed to help new users get a submission into the database, and covers some of the common topics encountered when doing so. It is not supposed to be comprihensive, but certain section such as the [url=]ANV example[/url] may […]

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Updates regarding the Queue / Moderators / Submission Skill

Following from the introduction of the Submission Skill system, and looking at the way the queue and submitters have been affected by the recent changes to the system, we are making the following changes to hopefully alleviate some of the issues that have been encountered: The queue size will be allowed to grow from the […]

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Help section issues

Just to note that there appears to be a problem with the help section, the pages are loading slowly and some page elements and styles are missing. Will get this back to normal ASAP.

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Site slow – 28th June

The site seems to be running quite slow today, we are looking into the issue and it should be resolved within the next few hours, sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

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