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Submission Skill turned on

We have now turned on the new Submission Skill system. As [url=]explained in other threads[/url], this looks at how well you are doing getting submissions through the system with the minimum amount of effort on behalf of the mods, and adjusts your submission limit accordingly. This is all related to the average for all users, […]

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Classical Music genre turned on

We have turned on the Classical genre today. This genre has been hard for us to finalize a data entry method for, and we have ended up (at the moment) with the following (hopefully simple) rules. It must be understood that the ‘Main Artist’ role is not very relevant to Classical music, so we must […]

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Site outage 22 May

Just had a blip that caused the site to be offline for 20 minutes or so. I have now rebooted some servers and things appear to be running ok again. Sorry for any inconvienience caused, we will look into why this happened.

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Updating the submission limits, Pt III – holding pattern

We have now taken a break in the queue reduction procedure. The new limits are set to be ‘level’, so you may notice you can submit a little more than before, but things will still feel restricted. What has become apparent is we are not reducing the oldest submissions as fast as I had hoped. […]

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Help server down

We are currently having an issue with a server that runs our email system,, and advanced account activation. We are not sure exactly what the issue is, but we expect to have it up and running at some point today. Sorry for any inconvenience whilst this gets fixed.

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Updating the submission limits, Pt II – reducing the queue

Following on from As most regular users will have noticed, we are in the middle of bringing out a new queue management system at the moment. We hope this will help keep the pending queue a reasonable size, and lower the time most submissions take to be accepted. We also hope the new system […]

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New formats added

Just added HD DVD, HD DVD-R, and Blu-ray to the format drop downs.

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Update to the submission limit

As of now we are working with a new system to help us manage the number of submissions in a much more dynamic way. The first stage of this system has just been turned on, you may notice a fairly radical reduction in the number of submissions and updates you can make. The reasons for […]

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New submission error checks being rolled out!

We are in the process of adding a lot more error checks to the submission form. It is hoped that by ‘hard coding’ some of our rules into the form, everyone will find it easier to submit, and that submissions will be more correct and easier to moderate. Some errors have a tick box that […]

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Changing the Featuring and Presents rules.

[b]Changing the Featuring and Presents rules.[/b] The rules that restrict entering the ‘Featuring’ or ‘Presenting’ artists from being entered into the main artist field will be removed. These rules were made some time ago on the understanding that the featured or presenting artist was a secondary role. It is now apparent that this […]

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