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Crippled Inside: A Survey of John Lennon’s Post-Beatles Albums

Few musicians have inspired more devotion than John Lennon, whether with The Beatles or through his work after the band split. But like any mortal, Lennon left a complicated legacy. His was filled with moral failings — which his music laid bare — buttressed against anthems that inspired millions and changed the landscape of pop […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For December 2018

Led Zeppelin

Some things are fated to happen. Don’t expect us to get too much into detail or provide you with your astrological sign compatibility. No, we aren’t talking about any of that. We are talking about how after what was considered by the almighty Diognes_The_Fox as the most potato Top 50 ever… Our Top 30 most […]

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