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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: 8 Million Single and Album Releases in the Database


Recently, Discogs hit the 8 Million Release milestone. That means more than 8 million singles, EPs and album releases across all physical formats, like vinyl, CD and cassette catalogued in the Discogs database. This is huge. Our database has nearly doubled in size since I began working at Discogs just 3 years ago. This is, of course, […]

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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: Evolution of Music

Digging Into Discogs Data Evolution of Music

Musical recordings have existed since the mid 19th century, even pre-dating Edison’s phonograph. Shortly after the turn of the century, recorded music exploded in popularity and soon there were phonographs in every home. Over 100 years have gone by since the days of phonographs and shellac records, and with that, over 100 years of constantly changing musical […]

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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: Motown Releases

Motown Logo

Continuing with Motown Month, I’d like to explore some of the data surrounding Motown Records and its artists and releases. With over 14,000 Motown releases added to Discogs, this label’s impact on music and music culture has been monumental. The Motown Sound Motown releases are categorized as overwhelmingly Funk & Soul, with a small mix of other genres tailing after, […]

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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: Canada

Canada: our friends to the North, known for their affable behavior, their love of hockey and winter sports, and, of course, maple syrup production. Canada is also one of Discogs’ top marketplace countries for both buyers and sellers, despite the relatively high Canadian shipping costs. It’s the 10th most popular country for both purchases and […]

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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: Hip Hop!

Popular Hip Hop styles over the years

Intro In this installment of Diggin’ Into Discogs Data, we dive into Hip Hop, which, despite being only the 7th most represented genre on Discogs, stands as the 2nd most common genre represented on the Top 100 Most Wanted Releases. It is an under-represented genre on Discogs—mostly due to its strong ties to the United States […]

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Cassette Store Day 2015

Cassette Store Day is right around the corner! This Saturday, October 17th is Cassette Store Day, and we have created a page to group all of the Cassette Store Day Releases If you picked up a Cassette Store Day Release yourself, be sure to add the correct release date (October 17th, 2015) and include the […]

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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: Fresh 45s

Discogs will be teaming up with Fresh 45s on July 30th to put on a night of Hip-Hop, House, Funk, Soul, Boogie, Breaks, and pretty much anything else that’ll get you on the dance floor. Fresh 45s is a monthly live DJ set based in Dallas, Texas that showcases top-notch DJs spinning nothing but 45s. […]

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Diggin’ Into Discogs Data: Jazz Appreciation Month

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, so I’d like to set the theme of this Diggin’ Into Discogs Data post accordingly. Jazz is my favorite genre of music because of its versatility: some styles are great to work to, some are great to relax to, some are great to dance to, and live jazz is absolutely […]

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Record Store Day 2015: RodneyFool’s Vinyl Scores

I hit up 2nd Ave Records a little before noon and found some great non-RSD releases (couldn’t find the two RSD that I wanted): Flying Lotus, “You’re Dead” BadBadNotGood, “III” Madlib, “Shades Of Blue” I then decided to head to the (now) only other record store downtown and found the Jon Hopkins/Nils Frahm 10″ I […]

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Record Store Day 2015 Page

Record Store Day is just a few days away! Last year, we put up a page listing all records released for Record Store Day. It was well-received in the community, so we have decided to bring that page back for 2015! If you picked up a Record Store Day release yourself, be sure to add […]

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