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Tips for Successfully Pivoting Your Record-Selling Business, According to Other Sellers

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So far, 2020 has delivered the most unexpected of circumstances for the industry to hurdle, from artists to music lovers and everyone in between. With baby steps now being made (certainly in the EU) in the right direction to some form of new normal post-COVID 19, we wanted to shine the light on a handful […]

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How to Make Room in Your Collection for Records You Really Want

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As a record collector, sometimes you take a chance on a fancy cover that turns out to be dud. Other times your tastes evolve. As a result, you can find yourself with pieces that don’t necessarily touch you in the same way they previously did. There’s always someone who wants something in your collection, from […]

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Purveyors Of Premium Laid Back Beats, Chillhop Music


“The home of music to chill you out” Whilst forging its own genre since 2012, Chillhop Music’s listenership has continued to snowball. Having drawn influence from mid naughty-esque instrumental hip-hop, the label has forged its own signature & atmospheric sound for emerging and pro producers alike to shine in. Alongside the legions of students & […]

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“Reaching People Through Music” An Interview With The Fenner Frost Foundation & RPM Records


“Helping people grow through music” is the motto and since 2016 The Fenner Frost Foundation has done exactly that, nurturing confidence and teaching transferable skills to students with learning difficulties by running a record shop with some truly heartwarming success stories.  We visited RPM Records a few weeks ago to get a feel of their […]

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Crate Minds: An Interview With Mike Lewis (Rap & Soul / Lewis Recordings)


One of London’s unsung music & community heroes, Mike Lewis has been purveying quality records from all corners of the globe for decades. Through the years Mike has gone from retail buying, mail order running through to record label bossing and kindly took time out last week to discuss the inner workings of Lewis Recordings, […]

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Crate Minds: An Interview With Frank Merritt (The Carvery)


An institution for independent artists and globe-trotting stadium fillers alike, Frank’s Carvery is held in the highest regard amongst a cross-section of musicians. From dubplate cutting, engineering, label running to mastering Grammy-nominated records, Frank kindly took time out earlier this month to lift the lid on all things Carvery. Talk us through where mastering & […]

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Waltham Forrest: London’s Borough Of Culture Where Musical Heritage Meets Guy Fawkes Night


London is steeped in a rich musical backdrop through a mix of genres, decades and styles. Channelling that melting pot of diversity, this year’s “London Borough Of Culture”, Waltham Forest, connected with Redbull 3Style UK champ Mighty Atom to illustrate its musical depth and soundtrack their Guy Fawkes Night fireworks display.  Hot stepping from Grime […]

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Mr Thing’s Top 5 (9!) Record Shops


Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ, the UK’s self-proclaimed Champion Nerd and Cake Connoisseur Mr Thing took some time out this week to lift the lid on some of his favourite record shops. From early DMC Champion years, Mr Thing has gone on to put together killer compilations alongside DJ Spinna & DJ Premier for BBE, […]

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Discogs Presents: ADE Hangover Record Fair 2019

This October was our third collaborative Record Fair with the mighty Amsterdam Dance Event and Into The Woods, which saw over one thousand attendees pass through NDSM-werf to dig & dance! Alongside the cross-section of fantastic records & sellers, this year’s event had a slightly different “spin”- we asked each DJ to play their set […]

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Ladies Love Vinyl: A Digger’s Guide To Copenhagen


Copenhagen is quickly becoming a must-visit city in Europe in terms of gastronomy, design, and its enormous “hygge-factor” (hygge is the national word for ‘cozy’), but Copenhagen is also more than worth a visit for vinyl lovers. According to Vinylhub, Denmark is home to 58 shops and just 5.6 million inhabitants, which makes it pretty […]

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