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Sound Investment: What We Know About The High-End Vinyl Market

In the last 12 months of sales, a handful of downright eye-popping transactions happened in the Discogs Marketplace. Five records broke the $10,000 plateau, which happened only once before in the site’s history! There were two promo copies of The Beatles’ Love Me Do, an unreleased Sex Pistols single, a Japanese Pink Floyd album (surprisingly […]

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Jimi Hendrix Finally Got His Way For 50th Anniversary Of ‘Electric Ladyland’

Open the booklet for the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Electric Ladyland 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, and you’ll find a curious image on the first page. It’s a handwritten note from Hendrix to Reprise Records. “Here are the pictures we would like for you to use anywhere on the LP cover,” writes Hendrix on a Cosmopolitan Hotel […]

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Discogs Q3 2018 Marketplace Analysis and Database Highlights

Today we’re revealing quarterly reporting from three categories within the Discogs Database and Marketplace. We break down the increasing growth of user collections based on new (2017/2018, inclusive of reissues) and catalog releases. We then take a look at the Most Expensive Items Sold via Discogs over the course of the third quarter of 2018. […]
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After 10 Years, The AT-LP120 Is Still The Best Bang For Your Turntable Buck

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 Turntable

By Jeffrey Lee Puckett Choosing vinyl as a way of life means making a lot of decisions, from which turntable to buy to which pressing of Abbey Road sounds more like 1969. For many, the turntable part is easy: The Audio-Technica LP120. Even a cursory tour through vinyl-related forums will turn up endless mentions of […]

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A Guide To Vinyl Me, Please Classics

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood From Vinyl Me Please

When some folks think about Vinyl Me, Please, a very specific image is conjured: A twentysomething who buys their vinyl from Urban Outfitters and immediately rips it up on their suitcase turntable. “Oh yeah, we’re aware of that perception,” admitted VMP head of editorial Andrew Winistorfer during a recent call. “But it’s not like that […]

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We Sold Our Soul For Rock And Roll: A Guide To Rocktober

This month, Rhino Records unleashed its third annual Rocktober campaign, which celebrates rock albums and independent record stores. They’ve been trickling out limited-edition vinyl reissues exclusively at indie shops all month long. From punk progenitors to parody acts to metal mainstays, the offerings are all over the board. With so many LPs on the docket […]

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Three Key Collaborative Moments From Phil Collins’ Career

From his early days in Flaming Youth through his rise to stardom in Genesis and on into a massive solo career, Phil Collins has been a collaborative person. That spirit is necessary when you’re in a band, but once you’ve struck out on your own and scored serious worldwide hits — well, you don’t really […]

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Six Of The Best Live Albums Recorded At The Ryman Auditorium

Back in the summer of 2012, I found myself in a sweaty room wedged between Jack Black and Kyle Gass on a tiny couch. (The fact that it didn’t collapse under our weight was a serious feat of engineering.) I’m generally not easy to impress, but I was unequivocally starstruck at that moment. Not because […]

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John Carpenter On Life In Show Business: ‘I Survived!’

Today we’re launching Discogs Exclusives, which features limited-edition, ultra-rare, and artist-direct items. For the launch, we have an exclusive John Carpenter cassette box set, collecting all of his Sacred Bones releases. Listen to the audio version of our interview with John Carpenter By Sean Cannon “Stop it. Would you stop it?! Oh no, don’t do […]

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For The Sake Of The Song: A Townes Van Zandt Primer

By Susannah Young This story originally appeared in the Vinyl Me, Please magazine. If you’re reading this, you may already know that Vinyl Me, Please is reissuing Townes Van Zandt’s debut album, For the Sake of the Song, as its record of the month for October 2018. You can sign up here. But there are […]

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