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Best Records Of 1988

While 1988 opened with George Michael’s Faith at the top of the charts and ended with the ultimate hair metal power ballad (Every Rose Has Its Thorn from Poison, of course), the biggest story in hindsight was something was wouldn’t bear serious fruit for a few years: grunge kind of became a thing. Sure, the […]

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The Spiritual Forefathers of Spiritualized: J. Spaceman’s Early Influences

Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce, aka J Spaceman

Back in 2016, Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce suggested his next album might be his last. There’s been no formal announcement, but Pierce, a.k.a. J. Spaceman, recently echoed that sentiment. That seems to be partly because he might not have gas left in the tank and partly because the process of making the record, titled And […]

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The Emancipation Of Prince: A Guide To The NPG Era, 1995-2010

By Sean Cannon and Mike Duquette Modern superstars like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, and Future release albums when they want and how they want. Back in the ’90s that wasn’t the case. For decades, musicians at the top of the food chain all operated pretty much the same way. Labels meticulously crafted an album cycle […]

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Jim James: Aretha Franklin Filled My Heart With ‘God’

Aretha Franklin Dead at 76

By Jim James To say the world has lost an icon with the passing of Aretha Franklin would be an understatement. While she may be gone, we still have the legacy she left, the memories she inspired, and the emotions she spurred. With that sentiment in mind, we asked Jim James of My Morning Jacket […]

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Music Sales in 2018: Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis & Database Highlights

We’re somehow already past the halfway point of 2018, which means one thing for you vinyl trend watchers: It’s time for us to crack open our books and reveal the data we’ve collected from the Discogs Database and Marketplace for a better look at music sales in 2018 and Discogs’ growth. And, once again, we’re […]

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Oh My Gawd: The Flaming Lips’ Weirdest Releases

This year has been good for Flaming Lips fans who run deep. In April, Rhino released Scratching the Door, a collection of the band’s very first recordings — well before putting Oklahoma City on the college rock map. Things got even better when the label remastered The Flaming Lips’ Restless Records catalog. Yanked straight from […]

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No Better Tunes: The Best Spike Lee Movie Tracks

Best Spike Lee Movie Songs

Spike Lee’s latest film, the universally acclaimed BlacKkKlansman, is out this week. It tells the true story of Ron Stallworth, a black detective who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the ’70s. Netting Lee the Grand Prix from Cannes this year, the movie encapsulates everything great about a Spike Lee joint. Evocative, expertly-chosen music is […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For June 2018

Prince - The Black Album for sale

There’s only one word that matters for June’s top sellers: Prince! The Purple One has set another record in the Discogs Marketplace, and so has The Black Album. Back in April 2016, a US promo copy went for $15,000. While a promo copy from the States is incredibly rare, it’s nothing compared to the version […]

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Richard Swift 1977-2018: A Guide To His Career

The world lost a renowned producer, sideman, and songwriter this morning when Richard Swift passed away at the age of 41. While venerated in the music industry — having worked with Damien Jurado, The Shins, Dan Auerbach, Foxygen, Lætitia Sadier, Nathaniel Rateliff and countless others — his output and influence are drastically under-appreciated in the […]

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Why I Hate Discogs

Or: Stop Making Me Want Records I Didn’t Previously Know Existed… By Ben Blackwell Third Man Records I’ve got enough I’m searching out already. I’ve got my hands full — from unknown, forgotten and unheralded discs from the region of my birth (Detroit, MI) spanning all popular musical formats to diving way too deep into […]

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