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Discogs Database In Review: Which Country Has The Most Expensive Music?

It’s nearing the middle of the year, and we’re seeing the seasons in full swing via the number of submissions to the Discogs Database. Submissions are down, but total contributions were actually not as low as in previous years, buoyed by a stable number of Release edits, as well as increases in Artist edits and […]

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Discogs Database In Review: Do Discogs Junkies Buy More On Pay Day?

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is definitely kicking off. I rarely notice the longer days, because I spend all my time on Discogs, but I still see the seasons by the shifting patterns in contributions to the Discogs Database. Every year, as summer rolls out above the equator (where the highest concentrations of Discoggers live), […]

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Discogs Database In Review: Most Prolific Artist On Discogs?

Looking at daily activity in March, the total number of contributions to the Discogs Database was flat compared with February, which is consistent with past years. The most noticeable change in monthly patterns was a big spike in the number of YouTube videos added to release pages, and a dip in the number of artist […]

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Another Milestone In Just Nine Months: 11 Million Releases On Discogs!

There are now over 11 million unique releases cataloged in the Discogs Database. It’s only been nine months since the contributor community added the 10 millionth release to Discogs. To put that in context, the first million releases took 90 months. How is something like that even possible? Well, it’s thanks to 69,632 dedicated Discoggers – […]

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Discogs Database In Review: February 2019

Looking at the February overview it might look like the volume of Contributor activity dropped off in February… But February has 3 less days than January, and looking at the daily averages tells a different story. They indicate the Contributor Community still have their heads down and are as busy as ever. We’re sending out a […]

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Bizarre Releases On Discogs, January 2019

  In April 2018 Earjerk started a thread in the Discogs Database Forum asking Contributors to list their noteworthy or curious additions to the database: “Post your interesting new additions to the database here…” Here’s the best of the bunch from January 2019. Next time you add something weird, wonderful, rare or noteworthy in any way, share it in that […]

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Discogs Database In Review: January 2019

What a kick-off to the new year: total contributions to Discogs were up 14% on December 2018. Perhaps that’s not such a surprise given that January is always one of the busiest months for the Contributor Community, but it still represents a lot of hard work. Big, big shout out to Diognes_The_Fox, who made his 50,000th Submission to […]

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The Biggest Discogs Contributors Of 2018

Every year tens of thousands of people contribute their time and effort to the Discogs project: trying to build the biggest and most comprehensive music Database that has ever existed; a site with discographies of all Labels and all Artists, all cross-referenced, free and open to the public forever. But as any one of these people […]

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From The Archive: 300,000 Records, Four DJs, One Day


What do 300,000 records look like? Actually they didn’t take up nearly as much space as I expected… But we love well organised catalogues, we love databases, we love pristine collections and we love finding new music when digging through old records, so we’re super excited to be working with RE:VIVE and Red Light Radio […]

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From the Archive: Kléo Digs Through 300,000 Records

Discogs is working with RE:VIVE and Red Light Radio in Amsterdam, following renowned DJs as they mix together a selection from one the biggest record collections in The Netherlands. RE:VIVE is an initiative from The Netherlands Institute For Sound and Vision that brings archives and musicians together to create new productions inspired by old collections. You […]

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