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Canadian Digs- Adventures In The North Part 3: Toronto

Toronto Rocks

If I could bottle up this trip, put it in a pill and market it to all my fellow record nerds of the world I would be a wealthy woman! Seeing people come together to celebrate music and support the record culture is such a gift! With so many shops in this region, I knew there was no […]

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Canadian Digs- Adventures in the North Part 2: Vancouver BC

Digging in Canada: Vancouver

Vancouver is an amazing city that I’ve had the privilege of visiting in the past. However, this is the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to really hit the shops and see what BC’s record scene is like. What I discovered is a true mecca for vinyl collectors! At last count, the city is home to […]

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Digging In Canada: EROC Records, Edmonton, Alberta

EROC Records Edmonton Alberta Canada

During our trip through Canada, we spent some time in Edmonton, Alberta to attend the Music Collectors Show and visit record stores. You can find our full report on Edmonton here, but for this one, we asked EROC Records owner Terry Primrose about the story behind his store.  EROC Records – Vinylhub Address: Super Flea Market Booth […]

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Canadian Digs – Adventures in the North Part 1: Edmonton, Alberta

As a digger and collector, I’m always excited to check out record communities in cities across the globe. Canada was no exception. This spring, I set out to see what our northern neighbors had to offer. Without a doubt I was 110% blown away by the record community. The people and selection of vinyl was […]

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Digging In Canada: Highlife Records Vancouver BC

Highlife Records

  In the last few weeks, we have been travelling all over Canada to visit record fairs and stores. One of our visits took us to Highlife Records in Vancouver. It was great to meet Kevin and hear about the record scene in Vancouver and the history of the store. They have a great selection, […]

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Mike Huckaby’s Ten Favorite Tracks

We’re heading to Miami to kick off our third season of Crate Diggers, and are excited to bring this free vinyl event to Gramps in Wynwood for the first time – on Saturday the 23rd of April. It’s an honor to have Mike Huckaby headlining the afterparty, so come see him drop a set on Miami! We’re kicking things off […]

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Discogs Mix 46 -Kai Alcé

mix046-kaialce Kai Alce

There’s a humble power about Kai Alce. Perhaps it’s a combination of his Haitian roots, his youth spent in St. Croix, and his New York City upbringing. It is evident when he steps behind the turntables or CDJs, where he is at once clearly comfortable and believe it or not, just a tad bit nervous. […]

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Discogs Mix 44- Breakbeat Lou

Discogs Mix 44- Breakbeat Lou

Part of the mystique of Hip-Hop culture revolves around folklore: the urban legends that circulate from generation to generation are the tales that separate true industry veterans from new jacks. In those few moments when myth and reality merge, we see the legacy of true OGs and pioneers who contribute to making the culture what […]

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Top 10 In The Gallery Over The Years by Nicky Siano

The Gallery Top 10: Diana Ross ‎– "No One Gets The Prize"

New Year’s Eve is getting close! If you didn’t get tickets for The Last new year’s Eve Disco Extravaganza yet, be sure to order them via Nicky Siano’s site. But if you can’t make it to New York, there’s no need to worry: Apart from the Mix Nicky made for us earlier this month, he […]

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Discogs Mix 42- Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano's Discogs Mix

Whenever I do a mix at home, I listen to every note as I’m recording it, and I party along. That is why you might here level changes, or eq changes, because that is what I would be doing LIVE. I’m an excitement junky, so I picked songs that have caused my dance floor to […]

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