Articles by susan.salkeld

Records Obscure and Inspiring

Music is inspiring. We dance to it, work with it, and grow from it. Even the casing and medium can be a marvel and an art piece. This post describes unique records which have stories of their own. There are many, many records out there which spark creativity or other emotions, and this post highlights a few. […]

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Roadtrip To Discogs

I had a long journey ahead of me. The end goal was to make it to work on Monday. Since I usually work from home in California, driving 10 hours to Portland and squeezing in a day of hiking made that goal seem much more like a voyage than the usual routine of rolling out […]

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Record Store Day 2015: Susan.salkeld’s Vinyl Scores

​I was visiting my brother in ATL for RSD. He loves vinyl as well, and although we were wiped out from being up late sharing music, we got up at 8 and headed down to Wax N Facts. We both had a list of things we wanted, and as we stepped up to the counter, […]

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