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Crate Diggers LA Spotlight Series: Eric Howarth of Vinyl Junkies

Eric Howarth is one of those music guys who has been involved in nearly every music related venture: he’s been in bands, started multiple record labels, opened his own record store, and even organized a successful new record fair. Howarth will be adding one new music experience to his C.V. next month when he joins […]

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Crate Diggers Spotlight Series: Thom Jones of Crossroads Music

Crate Diggers PDX is just around the corner, and as we lead up to the event, we’ve been introducing you to some of the vendors here on the blog. Thom Jones is the owner of the weird and wonderful Portland based record store, Crossroads Music. Crossroads is located in the eclectic, hippy and hipster-infested Hawthorne […]

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The Lifecycle of a Vinyl Record

Last week, we introduced you to Cascade Record Pressing, Oregon’s first and only record pressing plant. We gave you some general tidbits about the backgrounds of the employees, some recent pressing activity, and how they came about landing here in the Pacific Northwest. However, we know you all are suckers for details, so this time […]

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New Record Pressing Plant Opens in Oregon!

A new vinyl pressing plant has opened in the Pacific Northwest! Cascade Record Pressing fired up their engines earlier this summer, officially becoming Oregon’s first and only record manufacturer. A few of us at Discogs visited earlier this week to give you an inside look! Cascade was started by a talented team of guys who […]

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Help, I need somebody!

Help The Beatles

  Won’t you please, please help me… The Discogs Community Support team is always happy to help with Marketplace and Database questions, however sometimes the answer you need may be available without needing to wait for a staff response. Here are a few tips: 1. Search our Help Documents. We have recently improved our site’s […]

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Record Store Day 2015: Weetzie’s Vinyl Scores

I was working a Discogs Community Support shift on Saturday, so I didn’t make it to a record store until Saturday afternoon. 2015 Record Store Day List by Weetzie First I went to Belmont Records (formerly Blythe and Bennett Records). They were supposed to have RSD releases, but they didn’t. I snagged a couple records […]

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You Can’t Hug a Download

There are many reasons why I love vinyl, but perhaps the main reason is that the medium changes my connection to the music. The experience of listening to an album from start to finish, as the band or artist sequenced the tracklisting, is something I rarely do when listening to a digital recording. I admit […]

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Crate Diggers Featured Vendor: Discourage Records

What’s the best vinyl trade you’ve ever made? Abraham King, owner of Discourage Records, has traded records for fine food and drink, plane tickets, and motorcycle maintenance. He states that “exercising the ability to trade records as opposed to selling them for money,” is one of the best perks to owning a record store. Well, […]

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