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Adding Images To Discogs Faster Than Ever With Your Phone

Adding Images To Discogs

Adding images to Discogs may have just become easier for you with this post. I’ve only contributed around 170 images to the the Discogs database as of today. That’s peanuts compared to other Discogs contributors. However, I’ve picked up a simple trick to expedite (and even encourage) image cataloging that I want to share.  It basically boils […]

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Substrata 1.5: The Final Chapter

It started off as inconceivable: gather niche artists from all over the world to an obscure venue, have them perform alongside each other as equals with no headliners, and a rather strict set of guidelines for the audience to absorb. Rafael Anton Irissari, the soft-spoken, humble, and articulate curator of Substrata was still able to […]

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Record Store Day 2015: Wesrog’s Vinyl Scores

I also failed at purchasing a RSD release, but that’s because there weren’t many that I was interested in; plus I’ve become infatuated with original presses of classics. So I instead raided the dollar bins at Belmont Records right around the corner and picked up 24 good old classics to help round out my collection. […]

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SOA at Discogs

Enter the Monolith As long as Discogs has been around, it has lived its life as a monolith. Much of the underlying code that powers Discogs today has changed vastly since the early days and while we’ve made significant hardware improvements, we still have plenty of room to grow. With the advent of cloud computing, […]

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Discogs Digital Download Service Shutdown

The Discogs Digital Download service was shut down on Jan 1 and we are no longer offering downloads for purchase. If you would like to continue purchasing digital music from the same catalog we suggest you go to http://www.junodownload.com. We blogged about this in November of last year: https://blog.discogs.com/en/discogs-digital-download-service-closing-down/ If you have not yet downloaded the […]

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How you can help contribute to Discogs

Do you speak multiple languages? Have you noticed the translations on Discogs could use some help? Well, let me show you how simple it is to help contribute language changes to Discogs. We use a service called github to manage changes to our translation files. Our translation project is located here. Once there, you need […]

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Transitioning from HDF to JSON

Backstory Since the early days of Discogs, all release data has been stored in a format called HDF, or Hierarchical Data Format. At the time, this was a good solution due to the tight integration with the Clearsilver templating library which was the foundation of how we generated HTML. As time went on, the JSON […]

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