Automate Your Orders Using Non-Paying Buyer Cancellation Settings

Sellers, Save Money On Unpaid Orders by Enabling the Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation Setting!

We know, we know. It sounds like one of those late-night infomercials, right? Use this miracle product and it will save you time and earn you money! But this is the real deal! Just a few clicks of your mouse and you can save a lot of hassle in managing your orders.

One of the most frequent support requests we receive here at Discogs is Sellers asking us to cancel orders that Buyers placed, but never paid for. This is because Sellers cannot modify orders once they have been invoiced for the sales fees.  

This is why we created a way for sellers to automate non-paying Buyer order cancellations. When this is done, there is no need to send a support request and then wait for our assistance.

Why is this useful?

Enabling the Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation setting is not only a time saver, it is a potential money saver!

On Discogs, Buyers have four days to make payment once the Seller has added the shipping and sent the Buyer the invoice. After four days, the order can be cancelled due to Non-Paying Buyer or the Seller can wait longer to see if the Buyer will eventually pay. Unfortunately, some Buyers never pay and that can lead to unnecessary charges on monthly sales fee invoices.

When enabled, the Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation setting will automatically cancel orders that have not been paid for after 4-14 days, depending on what you as the Seller choose. This is especially useful for Sellers who are already busy with order management, or for sellers who don’t use Discogs daily.

How to set it up:

As our Seller FAQ page specifies, the following steps will activate the Auto NPB feature:

  1. Go to your Seller Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation section.
  3. Click the box to enable the feature.
  4. Select the number of days you would like to allow before the order is automatically cancelled due to non-payment. You can select from a range of 4-14 days.
  5. Click the “Save” button.

That’s it! Easy, right?

Do note that if you remove an item from an order, the Automatic Non-Paying Buyer-feature will automatically be disabled for the order.

Discogs automatic non-paying buyer cancelltation settings

Other questions?

So do we have you hooked? Are you craving more “miracle” tips on how to better manage your account? Great! We have a few more posts ready for you in our how to use Discogs series and we’ll be publishing more tips and tricks in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, our Seller FAQ page offers lots of great insights into how to best use Discogs. Or just take a look through our help center in general to browse our many help articles!

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