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Arcade Fire’s Best Albums, According to the Discogs Community

You probably saw the rumors circulating for the last few years that Arcade Fire were working on new material. With no firm release dates, a surprise single, and mysterious postcards mailed to fans, the speculation and anticipation have continued to steadily build. After five long years since 2017’s Everything Now, a new album has finally been announced and is scheduled to be released on May 6, 2022. In addition to Arcade Fire’s exclusive website variants, you’ll be able to find a white vinyl pressing at a variety of independent record shops.

As you wait for the release of WE, you may find yourself warming up with some classic Arcade Fire. The band has five studio albums and one soundtrack to choose from – which Arcade Fire album are you most likely to play first?

Let’s take a look at the three best Arcade Fire albums according to the Discogs Community. The top three have been determined by the number of Discogs users’ Collections (haves) and Wantlists (wants) each master release has been added to.

3. Neon Bible

Haves: 30,535
Wants: 9,674

Celebrating its 15th anniversary earlier this month, Neon Bible has proven to be an enduring classic in the Arcade Fire catalog. The band bought and renovated a church to record most of the album and added violinist Sarah Neufeld and drummer Jeremy Gara to the core lineup. This made for an album with lush arrangements and proved that Arcade Fire would not fall victim to the curse of the sophomore slump.

The Suburbs

2. The Suburbs

Haves: 40,730
Wants: 14,970

Winning Album of the Year at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, The Suburbs is the second most celebrated Arcade Fire album on Discogs. However, the album is number one when it comes to Wantlists, even if only by a small margin. Praised upon its release and praised once again after their live Grammy performance, the album sent shock waves throughout the entire music industry and opened the door for more indie rock bands to be recognized by the Recording Academy.


1. Funeral

Haves: 51,108
Wants: 14,864

Arcade Fire’s debut album still stands as the band’s most popular release in the Discogs Database. Currently listed as #500 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time list, Funeral put Arcade Fire on the indie rock map. According to Metacritic, Funeral was the second most mentioned album in end-of-decade top 10 lists, just slightly behind Radiohead’s Kid A. If you haven’t spent a lot of time with Arcade Fire, Funeral is the perfect place to start.

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