What’s The Best New Digging Hotspot In Sydney?

Sydney has seen a lot of changes in regards to record stores over the past decade, but right now it’s looking like the city’s vinyl specialist stores are once again growing in numbers… especially in Newtown and Enmore, located conveniently in the Inner West of Sydney. All within a short walking distance from each other, there are definitely worse ways to spend a day than digging around for great wax and experiencing the amazing community vibe around the area! Well known for its fantastic food and coffee, free spirit attitude, warehouse party scene, vintage fashion stores, and music nightlife.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the neighborhood…

Papa Disquo Records

109 Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW Australia.

Where to start… This store is always a must-visit on my Digging missions… From the finest in Funk, Soul, Dub, Jazz, and Blues to Electronica, Hip-Hop and beyond. An amazing selection of new and used vinyl and cassettes that are always changing, so you can be sure that you’re going to find a new batch of treats every time you visit. Oh… Did I mention that one of the stores’ owners recently bought Australia’s largest vinyl collection of 80,000+ releases for the store including some of the rarest blues 78s known to man? As I said earlier… A must visit.

Egg Records

3 Wilson St, Newtown, NSW

One of the areas longest running music stores you can be sure always to find some gems in here… Whether it be Rock vinyl, Jazz CDs, collectible merch or anything else related to collecting in our realm. From eighties Synth-Pop to Black Metal to early Blues and everything in between. Be sure to check out the wall of picture discs… Good luck not taking one (or a few) home! Egg Records is also responsible for Australia’s largest record fair… Glebe Record Fair held twice a year. Amazing fair with a friendly and open vibe for any type of music collector chasing any styles… Endless gems to be found! Located right in the heart of Newtown it couldn’t be easier to get to… Roughly 60  seconds walk from Newtown Train Station.

567 King

567 King St Newtown, NSW Australia.
Official web

The Inner West’s home of Hip-Hop. Vinyl, CDs, books, paint, memorabilia, stickers, clothes… If its rap related, 567 is holding it. A fantastic selection of new and used vinyl with a strong focus on Australian releases. Looking for rap 12’s? They’ve got it. Looking for new sample material for your productions? No sweat. Looking for that elusive Australian rap tape that sold out in minutes on release? They’ll probably have that too. While you’re in store ask about some of the releases that the store’s employees have been dropping… definitely some quality stuff!

Something Else Records

488 King St, Newtown.
Official web

Somewhat of a new kid on the block, Something else has been making waves with their fine selection of Electronica… From the latest European releases to original early Techno plates, if its instrumental music made with drum machines and synths that you’re after you are bound to find something for your next DJ set or home listening session! Run by a crew that is fully immersed in the local scene – from pushing local releases to DJing at some of the finest underground parties that the city has to offer.

Repressed Records

413 King St, Newtown.
Official web

Newtown’s Repressed record has been servicing the local Punk, D.I.Y and Alternative scenes for nearly 15 long years now. From pressed music to local scene ‘zines, collectibles, and books, this shop is filled with a rotating collection of straight-up musical madness. Be prepared to have your mullet blown back by the selection.

Network Connection Records

463 King St Newtown.
Official web

Another new addition to the area, Network Connection has been making a lot of noise as the store to check for the stranger side of Electronica. Local and international small run vinyl and tapes fill the store. Jazz to Jungle, Experimental to Electro– the crew have you covered. If you happen to be playing a set in Sydney it definitely worth popping in to see what new heat they will have for your crates… and believe me, they have some spicy releases.

Halcyon Daze Records

498A King St, Newtown.
Official web

Focusing on the weird and wild side of recorded music, Halcyon Daze flies the freak flag high for the Newtown Area. Always focusing on the finest left-field releases, even the most discerning digger is bound to walk out with a bag full of goodies. Whether your after new or used vinyl releases or just looking for some pointers towards some heavy flavor for your collection you could do much worse than dropping into Halcyon Daze!

Cottonmouth Records

182 Enmore Rd, Enmore.

Official web

Taking inspiration from the New Orleans music scene, this shop definitely ads a nice warm feel to the block with its selection of fabrics and rich wood used throughout the premises… Inside you are treated to not only the area’s finest whiskey bar, you are also going to find an amazing stash of Funk, Soul, Blues and beyond.


Even if you’re only in cant make it to Newtown while visiting Sydney don’t worry! Still plenty of amazing stores to be found throughout the area… check Vinylhub for a database of our favorite spots!

Keep Digging

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