Best of 2018


Discogs was founded as a Database for physical music and retains a mission of documenting all of the recorded music in the world. Since its creation in 2001, this Database has grown from a few Electronic-only records, to more than 10 million releases. We’ve hit some pretty big milestones in 2018 – check them out here.


2018 was the most productive year ever for the Discogs Blog. Our vision for the Blog is to see it grow as an outlet for employee creativity and your medium for discovering new and interesting music. We tried out some new formats, had some guest appearances, and did some deep dives into the Database Data as much as possible along the way. Check out some of the best Discogs Blog posts from 2018 below.


Discogs added dozens of new team members in offices around the world in 2018. The very first of the Core Values of Discogs is Passion For Music – and the Discogs team expemplifies this. With a wide range of musical tastes, we’re never let down by the music picks of the Discogs Staff. Check out their selections for best music of 2018 below.

Discogs Community Favorites

We ran an algorithm over every Database entry first released in 2018 (there are no re-issues or represses, and no compilations either) to find what the Discogs community’s favorites were. The following lists show the top 100 Electronic and Rock releases in 2018.


2018 was a tough year for a lot of different reasons. We saw some pretty cataclysmic political lows, witnessed serious climate disasters, and grappled with the deaths of many beloved musicians. Revisit these musicians’ artist pages on Discogs to see their contribution to the world of music.

Aretha Franklin

1942 – 2018

Queen of Soul.

Dolores O’Riordan

1971 – 2018

Lead Singer of the Cranberries.

Richard Swift

1977 – 2018

American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and short-film maker.

Nokie Edwards

1935 – 2018

Ventures Guitarist known as the ‘King of Guitars’ in Japan.

Mark E. Smith

1957 – 2018

Frontman of the post-punk band The Fall.

Mac Miller

1992 – 2018

American rapper.


1998 – 2018

2 x Platinum Soundcloud rapper.


1989 – 2018

Prolific Swedish Electronic Producer.