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Our Favorite Vinyl Record Frames and Displays

Collecting vinyl is not for the weak of heart. You have to put time, energy, and soul into this madness. You’ll spend hours crunched over crates in record stores that smell like dust and wine and promise, flipping through tattered sleeves until your thumbs grow callouses to find that near-forgotten gem.

Alright, that’s a little dramatic, but collecting records does fill us with magic. Whether you’re shopping in physical stores or digging through Discogs, finding that rare classic, discovering a new band, or snagging that limited-edition green pressing feels like victory. You want to show it off to your friends, play it for your lover, freak your parents out when they come over. You want to display your records proudly while keeping them easily accessible – because anyone who collects records just to leave them unplayed is a monster.

Everyone’s got that one Ikea bookshelf that just happens to be perfectly LP-sized. It’s utilitarian, and it’s not ugly, but where’s the pizzaz? If you want to respect your collection with a display as unique as the records inside, check one of these cool frames and shelves below.

We only pick the coolest stuff because we like it. However, when you purchase something through our affiliate links, Discogs may earn a commission.

Best Vinyl Record Frames and Displays

Twelve Inch Invisible Vinyl Wall Display lifestyle

Float with Frameless Design

Who doesn’t love a borderless grid of artful vinyl sleeves floating on the wall? Let your albums speak for themselves with this Danish design from family-owned company Twelve Inch. Made from plastic, cardboard, and magnets, the round attachments stick to your wall in two parts. Fasten the magnetic disk to your wall with an included screw, and put the other magnet in the sleeve. It’s safe for your vinyl, easy to change out, and easy to enjoy with your record player. Both gatefold and regular 12-inch LPs will fit. They’re less than $20 each, and they also sell these handy adapters which allow you to display the record itself. You don’t have to stick to the grid pattern. Make a rainbow with your colored sleeves or make a star pattern. Let your imagination be your guide.

The Copper Works Wall-Mounted Record Holder

Cool Copper Pipe Crates for Your Wall

This display rack is both aesthetically pleasing and kind of genius. England-based Etsy seller The Copper Works creates bespoke, hand-made copper home products, including clothes hangers, towel and shoe racks, coffee mug trees, and more. Give the full store a peep, but pay extra attention to the beautiful record-holders and storage cases. The Copper Works makes a few that sit on your desk or shelf, and they’re just as gorgeous and shiny, but we’re really drawn to the floating mounts that come in the triangle and square varieties. Iron finishings give this industrial piece a really cool look, and it’s good for both your 12-inch and 7-inch records.

Record Props Vinyl Display

Layer Those Colors with Record Props

If you’ve got color or clear vinyl, this one Record Props will give your display some particular pop. Trust that it would look just as cool with standard black vinyl, too, but if you’ve got those special colors, flaunt ’em. Basically, Record Props are a white X-design with a popped-out circular hanger. You can display the sleeve on the “X” and hang your vinyl record from the poking dongle. Hang the “X” on your wall or let it sit flat on the table or shelf. It’s a great way to display what is “now playing,” or you can create a long-term collage. The company does caution that leaving your vinyl hanging long-term on the dongle isn’t exactly prime for protection, but records are built to last so you do what you’re comfortable with.

Photoframesandart Color Record Frame

Frames at the Bleeding Edge of Color

If you’re going to frame your precious sleeves, you might as well do it with some character. This Etsy seller specializes in art frames, but they specifically make a rainbow assortment for 12-inch records. Choose from blue, red, pink, mint, yellow, and orange to create a bright splash of mood. We suggest matching the frame to the dominant shade of the album art to create a cool illusion of continuance and atmosphere, but you can also go for the opposite and make some bold statements. These frames offer a cool chance to get creative, so lead with fun in mind.

Vinylwoodworm Slanted Record Box

Slanted, Rustic, Wooden Crates

Looking for something a little more classic? Vinyl Wood Worm crafts rustic crates from up-cycled wood, so you can turn your living room into a hip record store. You can buy regular-old crates from this Etsy store, but why go normie when you can have a cool slanted crate? Grab your favorite style in either burned wood or unfinished in mahogany and more. The craftsman also sells larger, tiered displays in that familiar store style as well as cool wooden stands for your speakers and picture frames, too.

Design Atelier Article Record Stand

Industrial Displays with a Geometric Twist

Design Atelier Article works from Ukraine and lives by the William Moris quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” The full shop features everything from decorative bookends to firewood log holders, but we’re admiring the black-edition LP record stands. These hand-made metalworks stand 12-inches tall and offer 15.75 inches of width and 11 inches of depth, so you can fit quite a sizeable handful of LPs. The tilted display catches the eye on a table or shelf and lures fellow music lovers to peruse your goods. Very sleek, very stylish.

NoTimeLikeTheGift Now Playing Wall-Mounted Record Display

3D-Printed “Now Playing” Props

UK-based creator No Time Like The Gifts is mad for vinyl, and he’s dedicated his shop to making cool, 3D printed ledges and dividers for fellow record collectors. Check out his full store for sure, but the highlight here are definitely the colorful “Now Playing” wall mounts, engineered specifically to show no hardware and require zero screws. It doesn’t come in black, because black words lose all definition, but with blue, gold, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, yellow, white, copper and gray options to choose from, who can hardly care? They come in free-standing table and shelf varieties, too, but wall mounted is just so dope.

Art Vinyl Flip Record Frame

Plug-and-Play Flip Frame

The thing about frames is that they lock in the damn sleeve, rendering them practically unplayable unless you want to sit there, unhinging the frame. Not the case with Flip Frames! These things were clearly designed by true music lovers. Instead of regular glass windows, these ingenious things come with a button at the top that pops open the window like an old cassette deck. Pull your vinyl out to let it play, or slip a new one in to switch up your display. The display is UV protected, which prevents your art from fading with time, and that might be just about the coolest feature on this list.

GuisPlay Record Display

Keep Your Records Hanging Around

More than just a fun play on words, GuisPlay is the work of a designer living in France who hand-crafts mounts to display your musical instruments and records. He works with a variety of materials and textures, but we particularly love his hanging wall displays that mix raw wood, sanded and sculpted, with colored cords and rustic rope. Pick from natural oil wood, rosewood, driftwood, or choose a custom color for €5 extra. These come in single, double, triple, and quadruple displays, and they’re super easy to switch around or install. It’s a chic look with a bit of hippie edge, and it’s certainly unique.

vinyl record frames display shelves ledge

One Step Closer to the Ledge

Etsy is honestly full of crafters making top-notch ledges for wall-mounted displays. Have your pick from clean wood finishes to black, clear plastic, and more. If you buy ledges in wood, you can stain or paint them any color you want. You could even get one of those cool wood burner tools and personalize your ledges with phrases – but before we get carried away with the creative opportunities, keep in mind how sleek and simple these displays can be. Because they require no fastening of the record, it’s really easy to switch up your display. Because it’s a ledge and not a dongle, it’s pretty darn safe and secure. Some ledges are long. Some are short. Mix and match. Go nuts.

Final photo by Sebastian Cyrman.

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