most popular reissues of 2020 so far

The Most Desirable Vinyl Reissues of 2020 (So Far)

Sometimes the best new music is old music. Whether it’s due to consistent demand or a resurgence in popularity, old tunes got new life in 2020 in the form of a reissue.

Unlike our list of the most popular new releases of the year, which is ranked by how many people have added the album (regardless of format) to their Collection on Discogs, the most desirable reissues are determined by how many folks have put the 2020 vinyl edition on their Wantlist. For example, over 27,000 people want to own a copy of The Strokes’ This Is It. However, 645 people want the 2020 vinyl reissue specifically.

It’s almost like these reissues are on a most-wanted list inside of a most-wanted list. Not only were the albums popular enough for the labels to create more versions, but the reissues themselves are so popular that collectors around the world are searching for these coveted records, several of which are limited-edition.

We definitely see some themes in this ranking of the 15 most desirable reissues of the year (so far). First of all, we know that a lot of Discogs users are members of Vinyl Me, Please since the record club’s subscription-based reissues are among the most-collected in the Community. However, it’s interesting to see how many people want these reissues as well. People also love the colored vinyl; almost all of the records on this list come in beautiful, unique hues.

Each reissue is from 2020, but the music may have been recorded as recently as 13 years ago or as far back as the 1950s. We’ve added the original release year in parentheses next to the album title.

j dilla donuts reissue

15. J Dilla ‎– Donuts (2005)

Right off the bat, we have the coolest color concept: a jelly donut (had to show it here on top of the album art). Read the story behind the record.

Jon Hassell Vernal Equinox

14. Jon Hassell ‎– Vernal Equinox (1978)

This remastering is exceptionally desirable since almost three-times as many people want this album (regardless of format) than actually have it.

herbie hancock mr hands vinyl me please

13. Herbie Hancock ‎– Mr. Hands (1980)

The 2020 reissue of Mr. Hands was the first time it was pressed on vinyl for the U.S. since its released 40 years ago.

nirvana bleach reissue Zia Record Exchange

12. Nirvana – Bleach (1989)

This particular reissue in turquoise vinyl was a 500-copy exclusive for the Zia Record Exchange chain.

green day dookie reissue barnes and noble

11. Green Day ‎– Dookie (1994)

People love their Green Day, especially this limited-edition *sigh* “dookie-colored” vinyl exclusive from Barnes & Noble.

potus debut kickstarter reissue

10. The Presidents Of The United States Of America (1995)

The POTUS (POTUSes?) launched a Kickstarter to finally reissue their self-titled debut since so few vinyl editions were ever pressed.

blazing arrow blackalicious

9. Blackalicious ‎– Blazing Arrow (2002)

Blazing Arrow is another record that hasn’t been pressed on vinyl (a beautiful orangish-red color that complements the album art) since it was released.

strokes room on fire reissue

8. The Strokes ‎– Room On Fire (2003)

The classic Strokes album has seen vinyl before, but this European reissue from RCA has a clear orange vinyl color labeled as “flame” (get it?).

el p sleep vinyl me please

7. El-P ‎– I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead (2007)

The deluxe package courtesy of Vinyl Me, Please includes red and black marbled vinyl. Fat Possum Records has standard reissues in the works.

chet baker reissue

6. Chet Baker ‎– Chet Baker Sings (1954)

This mono release was mastered from the original analog tapes as part of the Blue Note Tone Poet Series.

otis redding vinyl me please

5. Otis Redding ‎– The Immortal Otis Redding (1968)

This dedicated mono mix (which is highly rated by the Discogs community) got the Vinyl Me, Please treatment with 180-gram vinyl.

the roots phrenology

4. The Roots ‎– Phrenology (2002)

Yet another Vinyl Me, Please release found its way on this list, this time from the one-and-only Roots on a lovely brown marbled record.

the stooges john cale mix

3. The Stooges ‎– The Stooges John Cale Mix (1969)

This Vinyl Me, Please reissue showcases the original mix by producer and Velvet Underground member John Cale.

the strokes this is it

2. The Strokes ‎– Is This It (2001)

This is it! Another European Strokes reissue, but this one was released on a milky white vinyl.

nujabes modal soul

1. Nujabes ‎– Modal Soul (2005)

This is the first time the popular Japanese electronic/jazz/hip-hop album has been pressed on vinyl. It’s a recurring record on our top-selling lists.

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