Bottom 10: Cheapest Records, CDs and Tapes Ever Sold On Discogs

Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of a brighter tomorrow and a modern successful way of living. A time, when music could be nearly free. These brave records, cds, tapes or other fine alternatives to entertainment dared to make that dream a reality. It brings me great pleasure to announce to you today, ten legends. There are many others like them. Due to not wanting to spend a lot of effort here and other serious technical limitations, a heart-breaking decision was made. We forced ourselves to choose a scant ten.

Perhaps, these are the true heroes of our society. They may be the bottom of the barrel, but without the bottom, all the contents pour out! Some where but noble beginnings of desirability, blossoming into a beautiful well of continual two dollar sales. We can only guess where these gentle and noble used records will go in the world. We only know that their journey will have done so for far less than shipping and other fees.

Let us move forward into the future knowing that dreams can still come true. Let us celebrate these gems of deal-itutde and currency conversion differences. Let us also praise the author’s total lack of regard for significant digits. Celebrate these actions of discount in the comments below!

Cheapest record ever sold on Discogs Van Morrison - Hard Nose The Highway

$0.007495689820594564 – Van Morrison – Hard Nose The Highway

I’ve seen this record a bunch, but tbh, I’ve never actually heard it. Is it good?

Cheapest record ever sold on Discogs Sash! - Encore Une Fois

$0.007647013493321531 – Sash! – Encore Une Fois

Electronic dance music cd singles are a real mystery. Why can’t they all be money, like Scooter?

Cheapest record ever sold on Discogs Schneider & Radecki - Poke

$0.007647013493321531 – Schneider & Radecki – Poke

Why do they call it an ampersand if it isn’t made from sand?

Cheapest record ever sold on Discogs Disturbed Genitals - EP Vol. 2

$0.007647013493321531 – Disturbed Genitals – EP Vol. 2

90s trance is also fairly accessible at the moment, for many titles.

Cheapest record ever sold on Discogs Laurie Anderson - Mister Heartbreak

$0.007647013493321531 – Laurie Anderson – Mister Heartbreak

…Here come the deals. I don’t got much here. Good record, though.

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