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Buying on Discogs: What’s New in the Marketplace?

Things are looking a little different in the Discogs Marketplace. This year, we’ve been working on improvements to the Marketplace to make the buying process smoother, more intuitive, and generally better for music fans. That starts with making shipping costs clearer on every item for sale in the Marketplace and added to your order when you’re ready to check out.

Sellers have been preparing for a couple of months for Shipping Policies to become a requirement on November 1. Given these changes, we thought it was a good time to give you an update on what you can expect to see as a Buyer and guide you through a few new settings enabled by Sellers that may affect your buying experience.

All (available) items in the Marketplace will be displayed with a shipping cost.

Shopping on Discogs is set to get a lot easier for Buyers, as all items available in your region are displayed with the shipping costs below the item’s listed price. While shipping costs were often previously hidden in Seller Terms or could appear as a surprise after an order was placed, now shipping costs are a lot more transparent and clear to you from the start. This is due to Shipping Policies becoming a requirement for all sellers on Discogs starting November 1.

Since Sellers enter all their shipping rates upfront with Shipping Policies, you’ll no longer need to wait for an invoice with shipping costs from the Seller after you place an order. You can pay and finalize your order right away.

What to do if an item is unavailable in your region.

If you see an item in the Marketplace that says it’s unavailable in your country, it means the Seller has not yet set up Shipping Policies for your region. If this is the case, you can click the “+shipping” or “Unavailable in [country]” link on the listing. You’ll be directed to where you can get in touch with the Seller and ask if they’re willing to ship to your location. It’s possible that the Seller simply hasn’t gotten around to setting up their Shipping Policies for your location yet, but you should also be prepared for the possibility that the Seller prefers not to ship to your country or continent at the moment.

Sellers may offer several shipping options that you can choose from when you check out.

While every item available in your region will appear with a shipping cost, many sellers have set up several shipping options for you to choose from when you check out.

shipping options

There may be additional options for shipping with insurance; Track & Trace, a faster, more expensive shipping method; discounted shipping over a certain volume; or some other variation. Choose your preferred option when you check out (and read the Seller Terms in case the Seller is directing you to a particular shipping method).

You still need to read Seller Terms.

While you no longer need to go looking for shipping costs in the Seller’s Terms, it’s still essential to read them before placing your order, as many sellers still include important information about their shop in this section. The Seller Terms are binding, so if a dispute arises that could have been avoided by reading the Seller Terms, that will be taken into consideration.

Free Shipping and “+ No additional shipping” explained.

If a Seller offers free shipping to your region, you’ll see a banner at the top of their Seller Profile denoting the value of orders when free shipping kicks in. You’ll also see this in the Marketplace on listings where the seller offers free shipping and the item cost qualifies for it. Here’s an example:

free shipping marketplace

Some Seller’s shipping rates are set up in a way that you can add additional items to your cart without incurring additional shipping charges (e.g. their shipping policies are set up for one cost for one to three items or 1-1000 grams).

Seller’s Minimum Order Total explained.

Sellers have the ability to set a Minimum Order Total, which means you can’t place an order under that defined amount. The Seller may have their Minimum Order Total noted in their Seller Terms, but if not, you can see after adding an item from their shop to your cart whether you need to add more items to meet their minimum threshold. This notification will tell you how much more you need to add to your cart to be able to check out.

minimum order total cart

In this example, the Seller’s Minimum Order Total is €20.00, meaning you’ll need to add one or more items to bring the total up to the required amount (the subtotal doesn’t include shipping costs).

The Seller’s Shipping Policy automatically adds shipping rates to your order so you can pay as soon as it’s placed.

You no longer need to wait for the Seller to issue you an invoice once you place an order. As all items in the Marketplace have a shipping cost already associated, you’ll be able to finalize the order as soon as you place it.

Your PayPal and Discogs address must match.

This has always been the case, but as you may finalize an order without first talking to the Seller, it’s more important than ever. You can update your Discogs address here.

Be compassionate with Sellers who are new to Shipping Policies.

A lot of Sellers are new to using Shipping Policies as the required method of inputting shipping rates, so we expect there to be a brief adjustment period while Sellers get used to shipping being calculated this way. During this period, we ask you to be extra patient and compassionate with sellers in case shipping doesn’t go exactly as planned or if costs need to be revised, partially refunded, or re-invoiced.

Please be aware that Discogs will be lenient with negative feedback incurred by Sellers due to misunderstandings or mishaps with Shipping Policies during this time. Feedback can be reviewed by Discogs upon request.

There’s nothing too dramatically different on Discogs, but these changes are good to be aware of nonetheless. If you’re new to Discogs, you might like to take a minute to review our safe buying tips.

Feature image by Roman Kraft.

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