Changes to the way mods can check the submission queue

There have been a few changes over the weekend to the way submissions are moderated. As this will impact on the way submissions are handled, I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know.

First up, we have added a new feature that lets mod’s moderate by style. This means that you are more likely to get a moderator who knows about a certain style and is able to offer more knowledge to ensure your submission is correct. In order that this works properly, it is important choose a correct style or styles when submitting your release. Note that this feature will make it easier to spot submissions with incorrect styles, so please choose carefully. Note as well that the style system is under review, as I am aware that there are several styles that are not yet included in the dropdown. Please use the nearest correct style or combinations of styles you can find in the meantime.

Secondly, we have added a mod option to see just newbie or beginner submissions. This will hopefully improve the waiting time for new submitters and help them get into the Discogs system quicker. We have also upped the submission limit from one to three submissions for new users. We will continue to try to find ways to help new submitters make correct submissions.

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  • May 3,2006 at 05:52

    oohhhh shit! I get it now, ignore all that ^^^^ DELETED!

  • May 3,2006 at 05:49

    *limit, not rank

  • May 3,2006 at 05:49


    Thats weird. At your current rank (1088) you should have a limit of 33 according to sqrt/rank + 1. My current rank is 494 which means my rank should be 23, and it is!

    Maybe theyre rounding up the sqrt now? nik?

  • May 3,2006 at 04:29

    well, it worked for me too :)
    I needed 5 more to get up to next sub.limit, but now I suddenly got it, while staying at my “need 5 more 2 go”! :)
    I don’t understand why is this now, because it is more complicated to calculate… But, 10x anyway! ;)

  • May 3,2006 at 03:33


    Maybe collection wise :D but I’ve got submitting down. It’s just, I logged in and my sub limit was 34 instead of 33, and I hadn’t had anything accepted since I last checked.

    I had 1083 points at the time, and based on the old equation (submission limit = (square root of points) + 1) I should have 33, but the new equation, (square root of (points + 9)) added 9 to my points, giving me 1092, and [i]then[/i] rooting it to get 34… :P

  • nik
    May 2,2006 at 12:32

    Thanks Manys, been back for a couple of weeks, a ton of stuff to get thru!

    A new user is one who hasn’t made any contribution to the database, a beginer is a user that has made 3 or 4 contributions, roughly.

  • May 2,2006 at 10:17

    welcome back, nik!

  • May 2,2006 at 10:11

    [i]We have also upped the submission limit from one to three submissions for new users.[/i]

    Are you a new user? :P Just wondering what constitutes a [i]newbie or beginner[/i]?

  • May 1,2006 at 16:07

    [i]We have also upped the submission limit from one to three submissions for new users.[/i]

    Whoa! So that’s where my extra +1 submission limit came from, you changed the equation (and I’m within 9 of the next limit)…

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