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How to Make Sure Your Shipping Policies Are Complete

Shipping Policies are a requirement for all Sellers on Discogs starting November 1, 2020.

To avoid disruptions to your store and sales, we recommend making sure your Shipping Policies are set up for all potential orders.

This is a guide to setting up a complete Shipping Policy. For a more in-depth guide (with video) to setting up your Shipping Policies, head here.

What is a complete Shipping Policy?

Complete means that your Shipping Policy will need to have at least one shipping method to cover the possibility of all orders through your shop. Within your Shipping Policy, you can have as many methods as you like, which can be as granular as you want, but it’s essential to have at least one “complete” method. That looks as follows:

  • Ensure the ‘Order subtotal must be at least/under’ is 0.00
  • The final line of the method uses “and up” with either a ‘Flat rate’ or ‘Per each additional’ value for the quantity or weight range.

Example: In the screenshot below, I’ve applied to a flat rate of €20 for orders of 21 items and up. If you’re setting up your method by weight, you can apply a flat rate charge for above a certain weight. 

Example: In the screenshot below, I’ve applied an incremental charge of €5 per each additional 500 grams over 2kg (2000 grams). If you’re setting up your method by quantity, you can apply ‘per each’ for additional items over a certain number (e.g. €5 per each additional 2 items).

Any Shipping Policy that doesn’t have a method that takes into account all order possibilities will be considered incomplete and you won’t be able to save successfully.

How do I know if my Shipping Policy is complete and enabled?

When your Shipping Policy is set up and enabled, you’ll notice the toggle on the right of the screen is green and the toggle is slid to the right.

Shipping Policies that are no set up or not enabled will be grey, the toggle on the right will also be grey and slid to the left, and say ‘Off’ next to it. You can see in the image above that my Shipping Policy for The Netherlands is enabled, while those for Europe and Entire World are off.

If you have a shipping method set up that’s missing just one element in order for it to be complete, the banner will specify what it is. In the example below, my only shipping method has a €20.00 value for “Order subtotal must be at least.” This should be removed and set to $0.00 so my Shipping Policy can be applied to orders of all values.

(Note, if you want to restrict your orders to a certain value and above, you can determine this in your Minimum Order Total in Seller Settings. The ‘Order subtotal’ field in your Shipping Policies won’t affect that setting.)

You’ll see a similar red error message if you try to save your Shipping Policy without a price entered for an ‘and up’ range, or if your Shipping Policy doesn’t apply to all formats.

The following are considered incomplete policies:

  • No “All my items” method, but separate methods for each format, e.g. Vinyl (Large), Vinyl (Small), CDs, Cassettes, etc. This doesn’t account for formats not listed in the editor, and therefore is considered incomplete.
  • A method only offering local pickup. Local pickup cannot be offered exclusively with no postal options.
  • A shipping method with the “Order subtotal must be at least” above 0.00. To prevent orders below a certain amount being placed, you can use the “Minimum Order Total” in your Seller Settings. Even though the amount in your ‘Order Subtotal’ will be 0.00, the “Minimum Order Total” will be respected and orders below that value cannot be placed.

What will happen if you have no Shipping Policies?

If you don’t have a Shipping Policy set up, or it doesn’t cover all your potential orders (as described above), your listings will show up as unavailable in the Buyer’s region. 

Can I set up Shipping Policies for some countries and not others?

You control where you’re willing to ship to. If you’d like to only ship domestically, set up a Shipping Policy for your own country (again, make sure it covers all potential orders by format, quantity, and weight). Your listings will appear as unavailable to buyers outside of your country.

It’s the same process if you want to offer your inventory to only a handful of countries. Your listings will show up where you have complete Shipping Policies set up and will be unavailable in the countries with no Shipping Policies.

Looking for more Shipping Policy info? Find everything you need, from set-up guides with video walk-throughs, shipping rate templates, webinar recordings, FAQs, and more here.

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