Contributor Improvement Program

We have just turned on a new feature called the Contributor Improvement Program (CIP). This is designed to identify submitters who are having difficulty learning the Discogs system and have them read the guidelines and try to improve their contributions. It’s also a way to minimize potential disruptions to the database from incorrect submissions and error prone users.

The system works by looking at the votes that have been given to a user in a number of different ways, and picking out the users that get consistently low votes. Users who fall below certain thresholds are then automatically added to CIP. They are emailed about the program, explaining why they are on it and what they can do to get off of it. Users on the CIP are restricted to three submissions at any one time. Getting off the CIP entails them making submissions that receive positive votes (‘correct’). Users will remain on the CIP for a minimum of 2 weeks. In exceptional cases, users can be added or removed from the CIP manually by any of the site admins.

The names of the users on the CIP won’t be made public initially, although this is a possibility for the future. And we may adjust and develop this program as required.

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