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I created an updated version of this which combined the master release process as well, which is available here.

Today I’d like to discuss a great timesaver that will allow you to use existing releases as templates to allow you to quickly generate variations of releases that are currently in the database! Say you have the CD/Tape/8-Track/MP3/Wire version of the LP already in the database or the exact same release but on a different colored vinyl. All these require separate submissions before they can be listed for sale

Unique versions are extremely important to the database and your sales as they will allow your buyers to know exactly what they’re getting as all the correct information is already on the release page. Not to mention that it’ll be your username tied to the release page whenever someone searches for your particular version.

First, what you want to do is to go to the release history page

Followed by Copy To Draft

After clicking yes, you’ll be taken to your fabulous drafts folder. From here, you’re going to want to hit the Edit / Submit button:

Here, edit the draft to match the release in your hand, make sure not to leave any bits such as barcode, country or date which may not match your release. Be sure all credits are accurately represented as well.

Upon completion of the release, make sure to either create a new master release or add it to an existing one. More information about that can be found at my last blog post: Here

And there you have it! Now you can create new releases with a fraction of the effort.

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  • May 11,2019 at 01:34

    thank you for the post diognes but it looks like the edit release pages isnt the same anymore and this im unable to go thropugh the steps above. might you happen to know the new process, as i just opened a new thread for this info just now. apologies if the new edit new process is out there, but it didnt pop up in my thread search. a thousand thank yous my man!


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  • Dec 16,2014 at 12:59

    I contacted customer care about a different version of a record that had all the same info except for the labels which were different picture and really no company name. The matrix is the same number. They told me as above to go to “data correct”, but on the release page this does not have edit next to it and cannot be clicked. . Does anyone know what I can do now to add a variation of a record if the “data correct” cannot be clicked. Thank you.

  • Dec 18,2012 at 03:01

    can’t copy to draft The Set – Nothing to Lose (i want to add a 7″ version) – this error code pops up –
    error code: 7496499


  • Dec 13,2012 at 11:16

    For some reason there are now two versions of the album I added.
    I added the metal blade version of the following link.

    I am Dutch so I am trying my best to figure it all out.
    What have I done wrong?

  • Dec 12,2012 at 06:27

    Thanks for this helpful post. I had to beg for help in the forums to learn this, it’s good to see it offered up to the newbs. Likewise for adding to master release…

  • Dec 12,2012 at 01:18

    Nice work, Diognes: However, what you’ve neglected to mention (or link to) is what maketh a version “unique” and that the same function can be used to copy2draft an existing LP to create a new CD version (ie. different formats).

  • Dec 11,2012 at 17:01

    This feature is old as balls, yet still underused or misused a lot. Good thinking!

  • Dec 11,2012 at 15:15

    I’d like to consider this part of the “Things I frequently get asked to explain and want to just link to a page where I explained it already” self-help series.

    Please message me if you have any suggestions.

  • Dec 11,2012 at 14:48

    I’ve always done this way! :)

  • Dec 11,2012 at 13:48

    no you shouldn’t.

  • Dec 11,2012 at 13:43

    should i leave credits from the existing release, even when they’re NOT given on my release, that i’m adding?

  • Dec 11,2012 at 13:29

    Thanks for the blog – every time when I try to enter a new submission for singles from Australia, even though they have the same track list and same catalog number, I re-entered as a new submission simply because it says Made In Australia. Now I can there’s a shortcut for that. A timesaver!

  • Dec 11,2012 at 13:22

    I’ve known about this for a long time, but I guess some people never noticed it, so it’s good to see this posted here.

  • Dec 11,2012 at 12:39

    All hail the new king in town. More noise about C-to-D is way way overdue.

    Congrats to you Diognes on your promotion from a help forum exile ;)

  • Dec 11,2012 at 11:45

    Huge help! Thank you!

  • Dec 11,2012 at 03:20


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