Counter Culture: Recommendations From Paris’ Superfly Records

Located in the center of Paris, Superfly Records specializes in that rare and collectible Soul, Brazilian, African, Jazz, and Latin vinyl records that are increasingly hard to find. The catalog of vinyl Superfly holds include unique pieces, but most shoppers will find classic titles within the Soul, Brazilian, African, Jazz, and Latin genre with an emphasis on offering up records that the minds behind Superfly like and that they think you will like too.

Staff recommendations are key to some of the best music finds and who’s more qualified than the experts at a Paris vinyl cultural institution. Superfly Records has an amazing catalog of releases under their label division as well! Do yourself a favor and check out Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Storytellers ‘There Is A God Somewhere’… it’s incredible!

Superfly Record’s Co-Owner, Manu Boubli’s Recommendations

Through the numerous African LP’s reissued at the moment, it’s always a special moment when one of those LP’s has something very special, a different feel from everything else you’ve listened before. It took me a couple of days before listening to Apples only LP, produced by the mighty Odion Iruoje, but since then this record hardly left both the shop’s turntable as well as mine at home! Great songwriting, subtle keyboards works (overdubbed at Abbey Road in London!), and great production, this is, in my opinion, one of the records of 2017! Check ‘Try Me’ or ‘Time For Me To Go’, both songs reminding me of the essential Shuggie Otis ‘Inspiration Information!’

The Heliocentrics are definitely one of my favorite current bands, so I was obviously very excited to hear their soundtrack for a Netflix documentary charting the story of 60’s LSD manufacturers Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully! The result is as usual amazing, killer instrumental contemporary psych sounds with a unique groove. And don’t forget to watch the documentary if you can, pretty amazing story and crazy characters!

Superfly Record’s Co-Owner, Paulo ‘Superfly’ Goncalves Recommendations

Previously unreleased modern soul masterpiece from Iowa’s Split Decision Band! While a lot of those lost and found tapes are often a bit disappointing, this LP is an absolute must-have for all soul/funk/disco/boogie music lovers! One of the releases of the year as far as we are concerned, and strictly limited to 1000 copies on vinyl! Grab it before the price goes crazy!

With only one LP and 3 x 7’’ (all very hard to find in their original format), Amara Toure is nevertheless an important figure in the history of African music. His music has a strong Afro-Cuban influence but with a special twist that gives this record its unique sound. Hard to pick up some highlights as the 10 songs are almost equally good! Also has a beautiful artwork cover!

Pick up these Superfly Records staff recommendations in store, or shop for that hard to find wax at Superfly Records on Discogs!

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