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Crate Diggers Amsterdam: Meet Mark Kneppers Of 33|45 Vinyl Records

The first ever Crate Diggers Amsterdam is taking place at De Marktkantine this Saturday. Vendors from all over The Netherlands will have crates of records for you to dig through, and Mark Kneppers is one of them. We caught up with him to hear more about his shop 33|45 Vinyl Records in Leiden!

What’s your name and role?
Mark Kneppers, owner of 33|45 Vinyl Records, Leiden, Holland and part of Kraak & Smaak.

What do you enjoy most about running your record shop?
What I like is that with 33|45 Vinyl Records we have an off- and online shop with an extensive assortment of records in which we try to offer a wide selection and variety in as many genres as possible. Starting at pop, rock, soul and funk and moving on further to the more modern sides of electronic dance music. In all the areas we want to offer well known releases as well as taking the road less travelled. Keeping informed and on top of things is a big challenge and very enjoyable.

What is the most memorable moment that occurred while selling records?
We started out with a few crates of records literally in a corner of our space. Now, around 10 years later, we have built in several units, have a 24/7 webshop via Discogs and a loyal and lively customer base.

Mark Kneppers 33|45 Vinyl Records ahead of the Crate Diggers Amsterdam record fair

How does the combination of working as a DJ and owning a record shop work for you?
What’s great about this combination is for example that I was in Mexico two weeks ago, and had the opportunity to bring a selection of Mexican pressings back for the shop. Next month, I’ll be in a totally different location, with totally different possibilities again.

What does your personal record collection look like?
Ehm, well. There are people who don’t understand what I have, but I kind of got to know all of my records. They are memories, records I just had to have, collector’s items, unique releases, beautiful artwork, samples, weird things… Everybody has a collection like that, I guess I just might have a few more.

What can we expect to find at your table at Crate Diggers?
New and selected dance music (house and techno), pop, rock and a few soundtracks, the bootlegs that were taken off the Discogs Marketplace that we accidentally still had a few of, and a few crates of unsorted singles just for fun.

Is there anything you’ll be digging for at Crate Diggers yourself?
Personally, I like to be surprised. Beautiful artwork, unknown funk tracks, those kind of things.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
We’ll be there from 12 to 6, if you have any questions, just ask!

33|45 Vinyl Records: Official | Discogs | VinylHub | Facebook
Address: Overrijn 2, 2315 KA Leiden, Netherlands
Phone: 00316 22377138

Be sure to catch Crate Diggers Amsterdam on October 7th, 2017 at De Marktkantine! The epic FREE event begins with a record fair at 12:00, featuring 30+ vendors and 5 local DJs. The After Party goes from 22:00 until 5:00 and features DJ sets by OsunladeKarizma, and Atjazz. See you there!

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