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Discogs sponsored Crate Diggers Record Fair returns to Prince Charles in Berlin on September 23rd, 2017! Taking place in between its debuts in both London and Tokyo, Crate Diggers is the ultimate event for record collectors, vinyl junkies, and music fans! The day begins with a record fair featuring 30+ vendors and 6 local DJs, then moves into an all-night after-party, featuring a stellar lineup of Kenny Dope, Andrés, BreakBeat Lou, and Zernell!

In anticipation of the second Crate Diggers in Berlin, we spoke with Discogs seller zazaza030, who will be selling records at the event.

What is your name and role?
Raymond. I am one of two owners of our company.

When did you start selling on Discogs?
Four years ago? Maybe five?

How did you get into selling music?
I’ve been collecting records and CDs since I was 12 years old. All my pocket money went into that. It was the early 90s, far away from the Internet age. Sometimes I’d have been searching for a record for years and suddenly I found not only one for myself, I found a second one immediately after for one Deutsch Mark at a flea market. Then I bought it since I knew that it was rare. And at a certain time there was a point when I had a box of second copies, I went to a record fair also for selling…and so it started.

Do you have a physical record shop, or do you sell online only? Where are you based?
We do not have a physical shop. You can meet us physically at record fairs only. We are based in a suburb of Berlin.

What is your favorite release you have in stock right now, and why this one?
Maybe all LP reissues of the Swedish band Kent. In Scandinavia they are heroes, like gods. Unfortunately they split up last year. For me, they make PERFECT music. I discovered them too late. At the time I discovered them, the first vinyl pressings from them were already at an incredibly high price. So I was very, very happy when they released their complete back catalogue on vinyl – in a very good quality – two years ago. I love the music, I love the cover artworks, even if I don’t understand the words since they sing in Swedish.

Where does your Discogs username originate from?
“030” is the phone code for Berlin and “zazaza” is our server name. It’s an easy word to remember and can be spoken in all languages of the world. We can sell everything under that name. No one knows what the future brings, nobody knows how the future develops, maybe I’ll sell kayak equipment or whatever under the name zazaza in future – it can be used for everything.

Crate Diggers Berlin vendor zazaza03 holds up vinyl record in record shop

Aside from selling records, do you use any other Discogs site features?
Yes! Of course! The system is fantastic in that everything is listed like a chronology. I collect music for myself and through Discogs I learn a lot. I would not know every remix Moby has made,  for example, without Discogs. And I use the wantlist function as well. If anybody on earth has the Canadian promo CD single “You’ll Be Sorry” from The Human League, please message me.

Do you have a specialty in what kind of records you sell?
No. We are open minded for any genres. We do not sell poor quality. That is our main thing. Records are something that – to my mind – make sense in collecting in a good quality only.

What do you enjoy most about selling music?
Discovering new music. The most exciting thing is to buy a large collection from somebody really specific into a genre. I bought a very, very large Electronic music collection a few years ago, and there was so much to discover. So many “one release only” bands I had never heard about before.

What does your personal collection look like?
Like a big place of chaos.

What is your number one tip for buyers on Discogs?
Take care of quality!

And for Discogs sellers?
Take care of quality! Grade honestly.

What kind of stuff will you have on offer at Crate Diggers?
Mint, or at least Near Mint condition, well sorted used records from all genres. If you want to have Dark Side Of The Moon in a German 70s pressing without any scratches, our stall would be the right selection!

Is there anything in particular that you’ll be digging for for yourself?
Yes, of course. My main interest is the first half of the 80s with all the brilliant things in Pop, Wave, Electronic, Indie, Post-Punk, etc.

zazaza030: Discogs

Don’t miss Crate Diggers Berlin on September 23rd, 2017 at Prince Charles! The epic FREE event begins with a record fair at noon, featuring 30+ vendors and 6 local DJs. The After Party goes from 10 PM until 6 AM and features DJ sets from Kenny Dope, Andrés, BreakBeat Lou, and Zernell. See you there!

Crate Diggers Berlin promo poster, featuring Kenny Dope as headliner

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