Near Mint Crate Diggers Brighton 2019

Introducing Crate Diggers Brighton Sellers: Near Mint!

With only a few days to go until Crate Diggers Brighton, it’s time to introduce some more sellers joining us at The Brighton Centre! Crate Diggers’ special guests Near Mint launched their first record fair in London last year and will be coming to Brighton with many of their sellers this Saturday. The Near Mint fairs offer an eclectic blend of independent lbels, dealers, and record shops in some of London’s best hangouts, soundtracked by some of the UK’s finest DJs. We’re excited to welcome them and invited them to shine a light on a handful of their sellers joining us May 11:

Andrew Martin Near Mint Crate Diggers

Andrew Martin | Discogs

This gentleman standardly puts the most crates on the floor each and every time – all killer, no filler – with Crate Diggers being no different. His records range from bargain club 12s to holy grail LPs, covering everything in between. Go see this man, simples.

Rook Records Near Mint Crate Diggers

Rook Records | Discogs

After his launch a couple of years ago Julian aka Rook Records aka out of focus in the back, has risen to become one of the UK’s leading sellers on Discogs, stocking everything from red hot boogie OGs to ice cold Latin RPs. The diversity of his catalog has turned heads from a lot of collectors, and be sure to check him yourself.

Soul Proprietors Near Mint Crate Diggers

Soul Proprietors | VinylHub | Discogs

Nick has been digging and dealing for many moons, running a fantastic record shop in Brixton and selling with team Near Mint since day one. Stocking cuts from boogie to boom bap and soul to soft rock, new to old and simply will put you onto sh*t you need to own.

Jim West Andrew Martin Near Mint Crate Diggers

Jim West

Jim’s Vinyl Nasium bossman and 45 dealer supremo, Jim is one of our favorite dealers. His extensive knowledge from years of collecting worldwide (and skills behind a set of turntables) set him apart from the rest. Go see him, ask him questions, listen to his recommendations, buy his records, you will not be disappointed.

Dave Mason Andrew Martin Near Mint Crate Diggers

Dave Mason

Rock specialist Dave Mason is long in the tooth in the collecting and dealing game, as his moustache would suggest. From prog to soft and scattered with jazz & soul, Dave stocks heat in each of his crates and has you covered. He’s currently not selling on Discogs, so be SURE to go see him at Crate Diggers!  

Cigarette Records Andrew Martin Near Mint Crate Diggers

Cigarette Records, Beckenham | VinylHub | Discogs

Always coming correct with his mix of quality soul, hip-hop, rock, and dance — and always at fair (and sometimes discounted) prices – Owain is certainly a dealer to go check. His shop near Bromley packs a punch, as do his listings on Discogs. Have a browse!

Near Mint Crate Diggers

Near Mint

Near Mint will have a special offer on during Crate Diggers: You’ll be able to buy bottles of Near Mint at bargain prices throughout the day to make sure your records are, well, Near Mint. If you’re unfamiliar with Near Mint, we recently tested their cleaning solution with great results.

This is only a handful of what team Near Mint are bringing on Saturday, so be sure to go check their section of the fair! Find full details of all Near Mint Record Fairs in London here.

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Photos courtesy of Near Mint.

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