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Crate Diggers Chicago Spotlight: Charly García of SONORAMA Discos

Crate Diggers Record Fair & After Party is happening in Chicago, as part of Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days In Chicago, this Sunday. Head to House Of Vans to dig for gems at the Record Fair from 12 to 6PM, and stay for the After Party with Poliça, Ohmme and Zernell, from 7PM to 10PM!

One of the Daytime DJs and vendors at the record fair is Charly García, part of the (((SONORAMA))) DJ collective who aim to promote world roots music through their obsessive love of vinyl music culture. Time to put Charly in the spotlight!

What is your name and your role within Sonorama?
My name is Charly García and I’m cofounder of (((SONORAMA))) Discos.

Can you tell us a bit about the DJ Collective and its history?
I met the Baca brothers in 2001 doing underground parties at their apartment on the second floor in little village. One day I decided to take some CDs and ask permission to play a set, and they let me spin for 20 minutes, some of the new electronic music from Mexico. That moment was super weird for the people and the Baca bros. It was a mix of house music with mambos, norteño music and tropical beats. Since then we’ve created a small movement of Latin electronic music in Chicago. By 2010 we had a big collection of Vintage Latin Sounds on vinyl and we decided to create a website with a podcast to share all these amazing sounds from Latinoamérica to the people on the World Wide Web. In 2015 we created (((SONORAMA))) Discos, a record label with one mission: to promote the Vintage Latin Sounds on vinyl.

How did you get into DJ’ing?
I started DJ’ing at this Radio Station in Pilsen, WRTE Radio Arte 90.5 FM. I was running two radio shows, one was focused on Electronic Music from Latinoamerica and the other exploring the Vintage Latin Sounds. I consider myself more a record collector or music selector. The thing of being DJ in events and parties happened little by little and we have had the opportunity to do showcases in museums, galleries, festivals, community events and travel to other states, and now we are going to an Expo in Oaxaca Mexico.

rate Diggers Chicago Charly García (((SONORAMA))) Discos

What does your own record collection look like?
My collection of records ranges from the most Latin American folk to the electronic and experimental. I have a great appreciation for Latin American and Caribbean music. I’m always looking for the oddest thing on vinyl with an Afro-Latin approach.

How did you get involved in Crate Diggers?
Our great friend Tim Zawada contacted us, he thought we would be well represented in the Chicago scene. Which always makes us happy to know that we can contribute musically to the record collector community.

Can you reveal what type of music you’ll be playing during the fair?
I will definitely bring a little of psychedelia, Afro-Latin rhythms and latin funk. I like to see the reaction of people to different sounds and to create curiosity in their ears.

And what records can people expect to find at your table during the Crate Diggers record fair?
You can find rock soul, disco and of course the most recent material of our label (((SONORAMA))) Discos.

Will you be doing some digging yourself? What are you hoping to find?
I like surprises and sometimes you can find the unexpected in a discount box. I always check those boxes first.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
We currently collaborate with Lumpen Radio with a weekly live show every Tuesday from 8 pm-10pm and Radio Comeme in Germany once a month.

Be sure not to miss Crate Diggers Chicago on November 5th, 2017 at House of Vans! The epic FREE event begins with a record fair from 12-6PM, featuring 6 local DJs. The After Party is from 7PM until 10PM and features sets by OhmmePoliça, and Zernell. See you there!

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