Crate Diggers Featured Seller: Paul Montone

Discogs and Grimy are hosting a brand new record fair on August 23, 2014 at the White Owl Social Club. As we lead up to the Crate Diggers event, we’ll be spotlighting some of our vendors to give you a taste of what to expect.

Paul Montone is a Portland-based record seller who, at one time, was co-owner of Discourage Records. He helped to operate that store at its old location at Portland’s O-Hell Cafe on Burnside and 2nd Avenue. No longer affiliated with a retail space, he, Paul Anson and Abraham King have been partners in the Discourage Records label. Together, they have produced albums by artists such as Nudity, Bob Desper, Daniel Menche and Joe Preston and Tu Fawning.

An English professor who teaches courses at Pacific Northwest University and Portland Community College, Paul got into selling records the old-fashioned way, “From time-to-time I’ve found it necessary to go through my collection and check in with the albums I’ve acquired over the years to determine if they’re still for me. Selling the records I’ve outgrown or am no longer interested in allows me to make room for new albums and new musical interests, and to let the albums that I’ve spent enough time with enter back into circulation.”

Paul describes his personal audio setup as simple, “I use a Technics SL-1300 turntable, a Yamaha CR-640 Natural Sound receiver, and Boston CR8 bookshelf speakers.” When asked about his record shopping habits, he says he’s looking for depth, “meaning if I get into a band, I will usually focus on collecting as much of their catalog as possible. I also will look for newer one-off limited editions that are fun to have and talk about, such as some of the first pressings of LPs offered through the Light in the Attic online store.” He’s also a fan of shopping for records while traveling, “finding a copy of album in a band’s country of origin always gives those records special meaning and value to me.”

Proving that you never know what you might find in the dollar bin, Paul describes finding a copy of Bob Desper’s New Sounds selling for twenty-five cents at an Oregon coast thrift store and how that purchase prompted “the unexpected journey of officially reissuing the LP and seeing Bob play guitar again. At the time of the record release show in 2010, he hadn’t performed live in nearly thirty years.”

What will you find at his vendor table at Crate Diggers? “My stock comes from my personal collection and is made up of mostly indie rock, punk, garage, folk, country, funk, soul, and psych. I’m bringing around three or four hundred albums to sell.”

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  • Aug 10,2014 at 22:09

    sounds good can’t wait to check this out… love these styles of music: indie rock, punk, garage, folk, country, funk, soul, and psych.

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