Crate Diggers Featured Seller: Zion’s Gate Records

Zion's Gate Records

We are proud to announce that one of our top sellers, Zion’s Gate Records, will be joining us for the Crate Diggers Record Fair, on August 23 at White Owl Social Club in Portland, Oregon. Zion’s Gate specializes in rare, out-of-print, and original pressings, but also offers a wide variety of genres. With an inventory of more than 45,000 titles to choose from, Zion’s Gate is sure to bring plenty of gems to sell at our August event!

Stephen Benbrook, owner of Zion’s Gate, will be manning the booth. As a DJ in his 20’s, Benbrook had a hard time finding the records that he liked. So he started contacting artists, producers and labels and importing his finds into the U.S. “One day I looked at all the inventory and thought to myself, ‘I could just put this in a shop and it would be a record store.” In 1999, he opened Zion’s Gate Records in Seattle and has been selling vinyl there ever since.

Even though Benbrook has been running Zion’s Gate for 15 years, he still enjoys learning about new artists and genres. “It amazes me to this day how much really great music is out there, and how little of it most people get a chance to learn about.”

Benbrook loves seeing customers get excited about music as well. Sometimes, he is even lucky enough to have touring musicians stop by the store. “One of the coolest recent ones was when the Italian band Goblin was touring. A 12” LP for their tour had just come out and I was playing it in the shop to get pumped up for the show later that night. Then in come the band members in head-to-toe matching Adidas jump suits while I was playing it. They were so thrilled!”

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  • Aug 7,2014 at 01:23

    This is one of my favorite shops in Seattle. They usually have more of the records I’m looking for than other shops twice their size. It’s awesome to be able to pop into the brick and mortar store when I’m out and about in the neighborhood, and it’s equally awesome to be able to browse the inventory from home on Discogs. This is the kind of shop that makes record collecting fun.

  • Aug 6,2014 at 07:24

    Great to see an thriving and exciting record store Well done Zion’s Gate Records! Nothing more exciting than an artist visit your shop. In our London( England) record shops we counted Elvis Costello, Green from Sctitti and Peter Blake (Sgt pepper designer) amongst our customers and many more popped in to check us out and/or promote their releases. Although we still sell it is only online and I miss those heady days of standing behind the counter to listen and chat ( and sometimes do some filing!) Have a great record fair as well

  • Aug 6,2014 at 07:17

    I visited the shop when I was in town just because I noticed that they had a record on my Discogs wantlist. Sorry Discogs for losing the seller’s fee on that one but it’s always nice to come to the store and shop directly.
    I’ve had a Zion’s Gate sticker on my portal computer ever since :-)

  • Aug 6,2014 at 02:09

    Awesome! See ya August 23rd.

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