Crate Diggers Featured Vendor: Discourage Records

What’s the best vinyl trade you’ve ever made?

Abraham King, owner of Discourage Records, has traded records for fine food and drink, plane tickets, and motorcycle maintenance. He states that “exercising the ability to trade records as opposed to selling them for money,” is one of the best perks to owning a record store. Well, that and the flexible hours and the ability to play “whatever suits my mood at whatever volume suits my mood.”

Discourage Records

Discourage Records, located in SE Portland, Oregon, specializes in selling punk and related genres (garage, hardcore, post-punk goth, new wave, mod revival, etc). Discourage Records has an impressive collection of punk, but they have many other genres to sift through. King states, “I aim to keep a steady flow of other sounds coming through as well. Almost no genre is shunned here… almost.”

Discourage Records also specializes in rare records, and King does a good portion of his business online. “Specializing in rare records is a challenge in and of itself since there is no consistent source for them. It can take quite a bit of rooting around to turn up the really special items,” King states.

Discourage Records

Opened 20 years ago in West Portland, over the years Discourage Records has seen quite a variety of musicians wander in: Henry Rollins, Chan Marshall of Cat Power and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth to name a few.

Discourage Records will be part of our Crate Diggers event on August 23, 2014 at the White Owl Social Club. We hope to see you there!

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