Crate Diggers Featured Vendor: Kosta Tsimahidis aka Cocoe

Discogs and Grimy are hosting a brand new record fair on August 23, 2014 at the White Owl Social Club. As we lead up to the Crate Diggers event, we’ll be spotlighting some of our vendors to give you a taste of what to expect.

Kosta Tsimahidis, Cocoe to his friends and loyal customers, will be flying in from Phoenix, AZ for the fair, but he’s also got a presence in Southern California, “thanks to the world wide web.” A buyer for the last 27 years, Cocoe has become very selective about where he’ll sell, “Only special events. I’m too much of a record hoarder!”

Cocoe spends his days as the sales manager for The Merch Pro and, but at night, he heads home to a sweet audio setup, “I use my Technics1200’s, Tascam X-9, with Mackie Hr824 Monitors. I also have an analogue post production set up so I can get super weird when I’m at home that consist of lots of fun toys.”

In 27 years of selling, Cocoe has run across some truly remarkable finds: “I sold a Chocolate Star record a few year ago before they reissued them for a little over $350. Also sold a Brain Storm record “WERE ON OUR WAY HOME” for over $400. Kinda bumbed I sold that one tho…” And sometimes, the records come to him, “Every conversation I have is weird. I have had a conversation with a colleague about someone’s personal collection that was for sale that had every record I have ever wanted to own and then some. A few weeks after that, an 18 Wheeler pulled up to the office with the whole collection. I wish I could put that in words. Simply put…vinyl heaven!”

What will you find at his vendor table at Crate Diggers? “I have Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Electronic Dance and Dance Classic. I will have a little bit of everything for Crate Diggers Record fair. I will also be showing some of my promotional items like custom slipmats and 45 RPM adaptors from my company Plus, I will have some selected stuff from”

Find vinyl heaven at Cocoe’s booth at Crate Diggers on August 23rd. You can visit his apparel shops here: The Merch Pro and

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