Crate Diggers LA Vendor Spotlight: Dirtie Blonde

Crate Diggers, presented by Discogs, is excited to make its return to Los Angeles! Now in its third year, Crate Diggers comes back to the great city of LA for the second time, hot on the heels of its international debut in Berlin. A Record Fair by day, followed by an all-night After Party featuring DJ sets by Juan MacLean, Rick Wade, and Zernell, Crate Diggers is your chance to dig and dance from noon till the wee hours of the morning! It all goes down on October 22nd, 2016 at Lot 613. In anticipation of the event, we are spotlighting some of the Record Fair’s vendors. In this instalment: Dirtie Blonde.

First, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up in Chicago and got into House and Disco at a very young age. I had older cousins that lived in Oak Park and they got me into WBMX when I was 7. I was hooked then. Used to stay up to all hours with the headphones on and listen to WBMX and WGCI. I didn’t start DJ’ing until much later though. I knew I would become obsessed with collecting and would need the funds to buy records. I’ve been in Los Angeles about 10 years now. I was ready for a change and better weather. It’s definitely helped me further develop my DJ style.

DJ Dirtie Blonde

What sparked your interest in vinyl culture?

When I first began to DJ, vinyl was definitely the more popular format. I loved the feeling of community and the knowledge shared when shopping at the various stores in Chicago. Everyone was very helpful to me when I began building my collection and DJ'ing. Once you find the first treasure that's yours, truly yours, where only very few DJs have gone before, you're hooked.

Where can people in Los Angeles catch you out there doing your thing?

Easy Going at the Semi-Tropic in Echo Park is currently my regular spot. I do the night every last Saturday of the month and usually have a guest come play with me. It's very eclectic and a little more on the chill side. It's definitely a nice alternative to the regular bar scene or undergrounds, or a great place to warm up for the underground. The next one is on October 29th. Probably will take advantage of Halloween and get a bit darker. Come check it out.

What are a few of your current favorite records to drop in a set?

It really depends on where I am playing and my mood. A couple of the ones I really like playing at the Semi-Tropic and sound great on their sound system are:

Crate Diggers LA Vendor Spotlight: Dirtie Blonde

Chas Jankel - 109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember)

Definitely an under-rated Chas Jankel tune, but super solid and fun.

Crate Diggers LA Vendor Spotlight: Dirtie Blonde

Shitân - Disco Shitân

Another Easy Going favorite.

Crate Diggers LA Vendor Spotlight: Dirtie Blonde

Hot Pepper - Cancion Ritual (Ritual Song)

I found this when in Barcelona recently. I cried when the package made it to my doorstep. Really obsessed with this one. Going to play it everywhere.

You are an administrator for the Los Angeles Record Pool. What is this collective all about?

The purpose is mostly to help build the DJ/Producer/Collector/Label Owner community in Los Angeles. Our past events would feature locals artists and labels, highlight new releases, and allow those selling records to bring a couple crates by. It'd be great if these events could continue. We'd also love to involve local charities as well. If anyone is interested is helping these events continue, please let me know. They do need to be a community effort, so the more people that can help, the better. It's a closed group mostly to keep out the spammers. Anyone is welcome to join (unless you're a spammer, the group is not all about you).

Is there anything that you’re hoping to find at Crate Diggers LA?

I always have too long of a list in my head. I am always hoping to cross a few off and find a few I forgot about. Found some amazing records at last year's event. Fingers crossed.

What can people expect to find at your table at Crate Diggers?

There are two other record pool members selling with me at our table. It's safe to say our table will be very eclectic. House, Disco, Techno, New Wave, Italo and many subgenres in between. Everyone generally keeps prices very reasonable. We had a good amount of $1 records last year and there may even be some free ones this year.

Dirtie Blonde: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram

Crate Diggers LA, presented by Discogs, takes place on October 22nd, 2016 at Lot 613. The epic FREE event begins with a Record Fair at noon, featuring some of the finest area vendors and 6 local DJs. The After Party goes from 9PM till 4AM (!), and features DJ sets from Juan MacLeanRick Wade, and ZernellStay tuned to the Crate Diggers LA Facebook event page for more information!



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