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Crate Diggers Phoenix: Getting Down With Boogie Nite

Discogs sponsored Crate Diggers Record Fair makes its Phoenix debut on November 11th, 2017 at Crescent Ballroom! Coming in hot on the heels of Crate Diggers’ LA debut and Chicago date, Crate Diggers Phoenix is the ultimate event for record collectors, vinyl junkies, and music fans! The day begins with a record fair featuring 30+ vendors and 12 local DJs, then moves into an after party, featuring Kenny DopeBreakbeat Lou, and DJ Day!

Time to put the spotlight on one of the Crate Diggers Phoenix daytime DJs, Boogie Nite, and ask him about the Phoenix scene – and his own record collection of course!

Tell us a bit more about your personal history and present in the music industry?
Well to start, I have been DJ’ing since 1987. I’m a huge fan and student of the craft. I started out doing high school, backyard and house parties. I didn’t really hit the club scene until like 1993 or so thanks to my big homie and brotha, Brian Reaves. I owe a lot to that brotha.

Currently I have a 2 Digital releases, “ Friday Nite Africa” and “Vibez & Vibez & Vibez”, with Fathom DJ out of Chicago that’s out on Traxsource and soon to be out on vinyl. Those 2 tracks are more on your soulful jazz styles with a little bit of tribal and funk in them.

I also have a dance music driven album to be released by BeatPhreak Records on 12/01/2017. Thanks to my brothas across the pond, Jason Turton and Paul Thornton. That project is more of your hard dance floor jams. Heavy kicks and all. Things are really looking good right now.

I just started to get into movie and documentary scoring. I’m working with a company based out of Portland, OR right now, “Pattern Integrity” and things are doing quite well.

As a producer, I have released almost a crate full of floor stompers. Working with labels such as Lumberjacks In Hell, Glenview Records, Grimy Edits, and now BeatPhreak Records, and my own label, GreedyBaby Records coming in 2018.

Crate Diggers Phoenix daytime DJ, Boogie Nite

How did you get into DJ’ing?
Ok. So check this out. I was 17 years old and a friend of mine, Lil Darren, took me to a party where his school mates, Brian Reaves and Mike Brown, were DJing. It was in the basement of the Riviera Bowling Alley in Melrose Park, IL. When we walked in you could hear the music and it was LOUD, to say the least. We proceeded to go downstairs and when we reached the thick of things I was in awe. It was PACKED wall-to-wall with people dancing. It lit a match in my soul.

Mike “Hitman” Wilson was spinning and he was playing “ The Love I Lost” by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – crazy how I remember all this considering it was 30 years ago. I’m standing there watching all this so I turned to my friend Darren and told him, “Give me a year and I’m going to be doing the same thing”. I left that party with nothing on my mind but wanting to do and be a part of what I just witnessed. Lil Darren taught me how to blend on 2 belt driven Technics SL-B100 turntables and later introduced me to Brian Reaves and Mike Brown. We would go through their crib and it was like the party all over again. I’m watching and listening to every record played and how they were bringing the records in. Little did they know, class was in session for me and it was on and poppin’. I bought my first set of 1200s later that year and it was off to the races. I started doing high school parties, basement and backyard parties for my classmates. Eventually that led me up to my first club gig at this club named Vinyl on Elston & North Ave in Chicago.

What does your own record collection look like?
Well, I just moved to Mesa, Arizona. I have about 3000 records but only about 400 in my apartment. The rest is in a storage unit here because there wasn’t room for all of those records in my apartment. I have a collection of Disco, Soul, and Funk records. I love Soul and Funk.

How did you get involved in Crate Diggers Phoenix?
I got involved with Crate Diggers through a friend, Zernell Gillie aka Grimy Edits at the first Crate Diggers in Portland. That whole experience was priceless. I also met Liz (Crate Diggers co-founder and organizer), many diggers and DJs, and I made a bunch of new friends that I still talk to. I even got Supreme La Rock to autograph his comp “Wheedle’s Groove” for me. If I’m not mistaken that year Grimy Edits released my remix of “Words” which took off like hot cakes to say the least. I still get requests for that record.

Crate Diggers Phoenix daytime DJ, Boogie Nite

What does the music scene in Phoenix look like? 
Even though I have only been here in Arizona for a few months, the scene here is alive. I have been to a few events here and recently played out at the Valley Bar with my homie, Cocoe for his event Loose Joints. The vibe at every spot I’ve been to so far was awesome and the dancers aren’t subjective to the tunes being played. They really come to have a good time and welcome me with open arms. I love this place!

Can you reveal what type of music you’ll be playing during Crate Diggers Phoenix fair?
At Crate Diggers I’m going to be playing a mixture of Soul, Funk, and Boogie music. Those are my preference and my record collection is really built around those genres.

Will you be doing some digging yourself? What are you hoping to find?
Of course I will be doing some DIGGING. Diggin’ is part of my SOUL! Anything less would be uncivilized. I’m hoping to find basically anything that I don’t own already on the lines of Soul and Funk.

Any holy grail record that is still missing from your collection?
There are a few records that I consider holy grail records that I really want to add to my collection. One being that infamous “Sparkle” album and two being “Farewell to Welfare” by Johnnie Walker and Jacqueline Dee. Even though I may spend the rest of my life looking to add these two records to my collection, the hunt keeps me going.

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Be sure not to miss Crate Diggers Phoenix on November 11th, 2017 at Crescent Ballroom! The epic FREE event begins with a record fair from 12-6PM. Catch Boogie NIte and more local DJs there while they play all vinyl DJ sets. Tables for the record fair can still be booked here. The After Party is from 9PM until 2AM and features all vinyl DJ sets by Breakbeat Lou, DJ Day and Kenny Dope!

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