Crate Digging In Milan For A Day


With so many reasons to visit and so many cultural highlights on offer, it is no surprise to learn that Milan is also a great place to search for records. If you are as fortunate as I was to find yourself with a day to scour the streets for some wax, or you are thinking about where your next European trip is going to be, then this post is for you.

First stop; Massive Music Store. Alessandro the owner was there to talk me through the stock. The shop has a wide variety of music on CD and Vinyl, with the vinyl split into 5 main sections- Italian music, Jazz & Fusion, Soul/Funk/Reggae, Rock and Metal and- my personal favorite- the 5 Euro records. With both new and second-hand wax to browse, the stock was well priced, fairly graded and extremely varied. Don’t forget to check their comprehensive DVD collection as well!

The second stop for the day- Libraccio–  is principally a bookstore but also has a large vinyl selection as well. Their stock is split 50-50 into Italian and Stranieri (foreign) music and is all second hand, though some new releases in there were very nearly mint. Again, an extremely varied selection to keep you interested, it took me about an hour and a half to go through all the racks there, definitely worth a visit.

I love a Cash Converters as a great place to find bizarre or rare records for a bargain, just by the nature of how they get their stock, and there was one nearby. The stock, though limited, did not disappoint.

I next went to visit the premises of SoundOhm records. Although they do not have a physical store, their Discogs store is a great place to find reissues of some Italian records that have recently been featured in our top 30 most expensive lists- I picked up 3 from last December’s list alone! They also specialize in Psychedelic, Italian Experimental, and Avant-Garde jazz. If you are in Italy, reach out to them to organize a special delivery to your accommodation to save on postage.

A good tip is to head central and see the famous Cathedral in the Duomo area, about a half-hour walk away. After admiring the craftsmanship, I recommend that you descend to the Metro station where, in one of the tunnels, is Mariposa. Mariposa specializes in Rock and Metal and has merchandise, posters, and CDs as well as racks of new records.

From there, ascend back to the main plaza and 50m away you encounter the kiosk Discovery Gigi, run by Gigi himself. An expert on Prog, Rock and Italian Jazz, Gigi’s stall may be small in size but he makes up for it in quality. He was more than willing to regale me with interesting facts about the area and the music scene in Milan over the years.

I was pointed in the direction of Vinyl Brokers by a local collector and producer who told me that their store was one of the best in town in terms of pricing- and they did not disappoint. Check out their crates on Discogs to get a taste of the kind of stock they offer before visiting their store.

No trip to Milan would be complete without a visit to Metropolis Dischi. Although slightly out of the centre, the longest-running record store in the city has a fantastic selection of CDs and Vinyl. The owner Sebastiano knows his stock like the back of his hand and will clean and play through items with you before selling. Make sure you set aside a few hours here as there is plenty to go through and it is well worth the trip. I recommend the soundtrack section!

If you do find yourself in Italy, it is worth keeping an eye out for any soundtracks you find from the 70s- names to watch out for include Piero Umiliani and Giuliano Sorgini– but, in my experience, if it has an interesting cover, it is usually worth picking up. Many thanks to all the stores for the records I picked up, the tips they shared and the conversations we had, good luck & happy shopping!

If you’re outside of town be sure to go check all the stores linked Discogs accounts linked above and if you’re local, dive into our full list of stores via the vinyhub!

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  • Sep 23,2019 at 00:07

    Try Soundohm near Garibaldi railway Station for quality reissues. If you are looking for first pressings (very expensive) Novegro Vinylmania Fair in October is the place

  • Sep 12,2019 at 07:43

    Great article. Thanks. I have a question for you. Where can i find store with 60s italian music?

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