Crate Minds: El Marchante

As most of our readers know, Crate Minds is a recurring series where we highlight Sellers from all over the world with a spotless trajectory at Discogs. Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to El Marchante. With more than 15,000 items for sale, El Marchante specializes in Latin music and it’s a well-beloved Discogs seller among the community. Taking all of this into account, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask a few questions that will make you fall in love. It went like this:

What’s the name of your shop?

El Marchante.

How long have you been selling as El Marchante on Discogs?

We started selling records since we joined Discogs, on October 24, 2015. Only 3 years ago.

How did you get into selling records?

We started selling books about history, art and literature mainly. As you know the book business has always been intimately linked with music, and it was only a matter of time before entering the wonderful world of vinyl.

What is your favorite record store right now? Why?

Our favorite store is undoubtedly El Marchante. We believe it’s the online store of Latin music with the best deals on shipping, and also with a constant inventory renewal, but we cannot deny that we admire and respect all the vinyl stores in the Caribbean that have survived over the years.
EL MARCHANTE Discogs Record Seller

Do you have a story that you’d like to share about record selling? Please tell us!

Perhaps the most curious story is not about us, because we are too young. Our customers constantly share stories with us.
Each meeting is a journey through time, we have heard when the first Venezuelan salsa orchestras were formed, or how were those emblematic concerts like Queen, The Jackson 5 or Fania All Stars in El Poliedro de Caracas. Buying records has been a real school for us.

What is your favorite record of all-time?

That’s an easy one! Juan Gabriel En El Palacio De Bellas Artes.

What is the most valuable item you’ve ever sold?

A real album of Guaguancó from Venezuela: Los Supremos.

What does your own record collection look like?

Our collection is quite small, it’s based on all the signed records that we have.

What has been your best record find?

We have several “best record finds” (laughs). The first moment was when we got a personal collection of salsa and Caribbean music that gave us the necessary impulse to start our store, but perhaps we say it sentimentally. Definitely, our best purchase was that of almost 100,000 records of an abandoned record label.

What is your number one tip for buyers and/or sellers on Discogs?

For sellers, please inform and contribute to the Database, your business will really improve. For buyers, understand that behind each online store on Discogs (especially Discogs) there are people of flesh and blood who love what they do, but they can also be wrong, be tolerant. It seems obvious, but the best advice for sellers and buyers is to be patient.

Find your new favorite record among El Marchante on Discogs.

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  • Feb 20,2019 at 18:33

    this guys are amazing, the labor of diggers in Venezuela is a titanic job, full team of people working for quality in every record sold.

  • Jan 5,2019 at 15:41

    I wanna be featured like this, I got over 1,000 for sale and I have almost 200 positive rating with 99.5% approval. Get with me

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