Crate Minds: Italian Seller And Contributor Ladrodipolli

It’s S.P.IN. this month! We’re highlighting the people responsible for adding nearly 9,000,000 releases to the Discogs Database. Today, we introduce Italian seller and contributor ladrodipolli!

Where does your Discogs username originate from?
I just made it up!

How did you get into contributing to Discogs?
Totally by coincidence: Back in 2008 I discovered a link that lead me to Discogs.

What is your motivation for contributing?
My passion for vinyl! I started back in 1979 and this passion has, unfortunately, been my financial ruin throughout my whole life.

Are there any specific types of contributions (or genres?) you’d consider yourself an expert on?
Punk and Hardcore, period 1979-1985, but “expert” is a big word. Sometimes I still discover things I didn’t know. You never stop learning, you know! I do, however, know a lot of things that are not on Discogs.

What is the most unique release you’ve added? And/or the one you’re most proud of?
All 9,538 of them are equally important to me!

Where do you source releases to contribute?
A lot of places, flea markets, through friends but also in stores, when they are discounted.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while searching for a new supply of records?
In the 90s I was in London, when 2 youngsters came up to me, carrying 2 big bags full of records, approximately 60 LPs and 200 45s. They asked 100 £ for the two bags, and I, after checking quickly, offered them 50£. The guys accepted, took the money and ran away. I was left behind, embarrassed, and checking the records again, saw that all of them still had the price tag on and had probably been stolen from a store. Terrified of being charged for robbery, I took the metro to reach my hotel as soon as possible. There was a lot of good stuff in there, a lot of punk which I like a lot. There was also a very rare copy of Nirvana’s “Bleach”, on white vinyl.

If you could catalog any collection in the world, which one would it be?
I know a person that owns a lot of Italian Prog Rock from the 60s and 70s, but he only lets me see them at this house, I am not even allowed to touch them…

What does your own collection look like?

I have them all up for sale, but those I really like, I don’t sell anymore: At the moment I have 455 records in my personal collection.

What Discogs features do you like best, and what do you think can be improved or added to make contributing easier?
I like most of them, including the small “wars” about an edit and how to best solve it. At this moment I don’t think there is anything that can be improved, or better: I can’t think of any improvement at the moment.

What is your number 1 tip for people who are just starting to add releases to the Discogs database?
Check out the guidelines! I know they can be difficult to understand and there are conflicts sometimes, but the guidelines are fundamental! Also check out some good contributions of others, which got a lot of correct votes!

Italian seller and contributor ladrodipolli

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